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Stop Betting On Mediocrity And Grab The Best Tuscan Wine

Connoisseurs of wine know the magic the Tuscany region of Italy offers. The Tuscany wines have a maddening craze around the world. They are the best to grab with food.
The likes of Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino are brands that need no introduction. But the downside of these wines is that they are very costly. Being a food wine, they are not a sustainable option. They are reaping the benefits of the brand they did manage to build over the years.

Cost is not equal to the quality
If the cost Chianti concerns you, then here is good news for you, the region has much more to offer than just Chianti or Brunello. There are some hidden treasures that many people, especially the outsiders, are aware of most. But if you manage to spend some with locals and buy tuscan wine with them. They can show you the door to that unexplored treasure.
They are as good as Chianti. If you are terming them as the best Tuscan wines, you do nothing but do justice to their existence.
Let’s look at a couple of them exclusively that pass all the tests that any Chianti would pass.
The Basile
Also known as Cartacanta, it can be the best tuscan wine you will ever taste. With taste notes of plum sauce and cherries, they can satiate you. It also gives you a subtle meaty taste and goes very well with Italian delicacies.
Another gem in this range is unknown treasures. The ColleMassari is sourced from old vines of about 60 years old and offers a deep rich aroma.
To conclude, if you are looking for the best tuscan wine,don’t limit yourself to Chianti and splurge. The region of Tuscany is fullof similar surprises.