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Is the Use of the DoubleList on Craigslist Legal?

DoubleList is the latest online dating site that dares to fill in the gap left by Craigslist when it suddenly shut down their popular Craigslist Personals section. There have been mixed reactions from users on the site, some very positive while others had a negative reaction to the changes. But what is DoubleList all about? And more importantly, is it worth joining? Read on to find out.

The first thing you need to know is that DoubleList is an online dating personals site which connects singles in different cities by long-term and short-term contacts. As you may have already guessed from the name itself, there are a large number of long-term and short-term encounters which are listed on the site. The more profiles you have the more chances of meeting a partner for a long-term relationship or marriage. In fact, many of the participants of DoubleList have a long-term love life through their personal visits to this website.
Another thing you need to know about DoubleList is that it connects singles in long-term and short-term relationships. Because it is a dating site dedicated to connecting singles, it is not surprising to see many people from all walks of life visiting this website. You will find many people from every age group, religion and background here. As you may have expected, there are also many people who are looking for a serious relationship. With so many people here looking for love and friendship, the chances of finding a compatible partner increases.
However, if you are serious about joining DoubleList, it is important that you understand that it is not a free dating site like craigslist personals. There are fees associated with using DoubleList, ranging from $7.50 per month for unlimited use to a minimum of $2.50 per month. That said, most users of this dating site feel that it is worth the money paid to access its members’ profiles and browse through possible matches. Some even suggest that it is more convenient than online dating. This is because casual encounters can be done right on the site, avoiding the hassle of having to meet up later.
Although it is true that the cost of membership is slightly higher than the rates charged by other online personals sites, it is still affordable for most users. Considering that it provides a platform for potential and existing dating partners, most users feel that it is worth paying the extra amount. There is even a section on the doublelist home page dedicated to those who have paid the fee to join. Even though many people will use the doublelist for casual encounters, there is nothing to suggest that this site is used for illegal activity such as matchmaking or online solicitation.
The use of the doublelist.cam is not, in any way, an indication that a user is looking for a serious relationship. While some may use it to find someone to date, others may use it for a more personal reason. For example, a person may post their personal ads on the doublelist to attract a certain type of person. Others may use the doublelist simply to attract more attention to their profiles. Whatever the reason, the doublelist offers users an option for discreet personal ad posting.