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How To Fix A Headlamp When All Else Fails

It’s the deceased of night time, and you’re out on a camping getaway with the close friends. You’re good to go for a saturday and sunday of fun and rest, then again your headlight dies. Ok now what? Rather than panicking, stick to these five ideas to help you fix your headlamp!

Tip #1: Examine The Electric batteries.

One thing you should do once your headlamp dies is to discover the electric batteries. Make certain they’re properly put in and they aren’t old. When the battery packs are deceased, merely swap them and try switching on your headlamp yet again.

Tip #2: Check The Connections.

If the power packs are good, but your headlamp still isn’t working, the next thing to confirm may be the connections. Make certain that all of the relationships are protect and that there is not any rust.

Idea #3: Look Into The Light.

In case the electric batteries and contacts are generally good, the next step to examine is the bulb. Make sure that it’s properly screwed in and that there is not any harm to the filament. In case the lamp is damaged, you’ll have to replace it.

Idea #4: Look For Obstructions

If no above tips have really helped, then the next thing to complete is always to search for obstructions. Sometimes, grime or trash can increase and prevent the sunshine from approaching via. Basically clean off any obstructions and attempt turning on your headlamp once again.

Suggestion #5: Bring A Spare

The last hint is to provide an extra! Headlamps are essential for camping journeys, so it’s always a good idea to use a back-up in the event.


Headlamps are very important for camping outdoors travels, so it’s always smart to be well prepared. Should your headlamp does expire, don’t anxiety! Just stick to these five suggestions, and you’ll have the ability to fix it right away.

Do you have some other tips for correcting a headlamp? Tell us within the comments below!

Happy outdoor camping!