Are you looking for my old Video categories?

As part of my upgrade to the latest version of Joomla, I have opted to drop HWDVideoShare and use a much more simple Youtube component. As such, the URLs for the old videos are no longer available (sorry about that!).

You can view my videos either at my Youtube stream, or on site here using the VIDEOS menu at the top of the site.



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YouTube CEO Chad Hurley Resigns

YouTube CEO Chad HurleyYouTube, as we once knew it is no longer. Speaking at a conference in Ireland, Chad Hurley announced he would be stepping down as the CEO of Internet Media streaming giant YouTube. Hurley will stay on as an advisor within the company.

According to Doug Caverly of Web Pro News, there is no reason to believe Hurley was forced out of the job, nor is there reason to believe Hurley is bailing from the company. According to Caverly…

“Hurley was the last of YouTube’s cofounders to have close ties to the organization, and it’s not every day that a CEO operating at this level gives up his position, which makes the change significant.”

Google purchased YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars in November 2006.

Source: Web Pro News

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Seyret Vs HWDVideoShare: Intro

Those familiar with Joomla may have heard of the Seyret Video Component, an addon to Joomla that allows you to essentially create your own Youtube style website. Seyret has been the premier Joomla video component for a number of years and is feature rich, easy to use and looks great. We even use it here on succeed2k for our video reviews and guides section.

There has however, another component that has been very quietly gaining popularity: HWDVideoShare.

Like Seyret, HWD allows you to create your own video streaming website. It allows users to upload videos, rate, comment and view videos. It also, like Seyret allows users to add videos from third party sites such as Joomla, Google Video and Metacafe.

Which brings us to the point where we have to ask… which one is “better”? This is purely subjective of course as the definition of “better” pretty much depends on the users on opinions, needs and preferences as to the look at feel of their website.

Over the next few days I am going to be writing a series of articles which will highlight key aspects of the 2 different components running a comparison between then. This 4 part series will consist of:

  • Installation & Administration Features & Comparison
  • User Features & Usability Comparison
  • Modules, Plugins and Third Party Extensions Comparison
  • Summary

I look forward to any comments you may have so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line or leave a comment at the bottom of the articles.

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