Live Review: Blue Gillespie Rock Brisbane

bglive001Back in April this year I wrote an album review for the (then upcoming) release of the “Seven Rages Of Man” album by Welsh Progressive Metal band, Blue Gillespie. This trio of Gareth David-Lloyd, Rhys Bryant and Nick Harrison (and former band member Anthony Clark) created an incredible concept album which took the listener to the very heart of their music, to the place where hardcore passion for their art exists. The weekend just gone, fans down here in Brisbane, Australia experienced the raw power of Blue Gillespie as they performed the first of 2 live shows in Australia as part of their appearance at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo.

bglive003Those not familiar with the band or the genre of music, Progressive Metal is a sub-genre of metal. Rhys Bryant, guitarist of the band, explained it to us as someone kicking in the face over and over again, with each kick getting harder or more complex.

Fans of the band piled into the Tempo Hotel in Fortitude Valley on Sunday night for the show. It must be said that the hardcore Gillespians down here in Australia are some of the most passionate people I have ever met, deeply moved by the music and deathly loyal to the band. As the time approached and the band came on stage there was a sense of anxious energy that enveloped the room. Nick took up his position behind the drum kit, Rhys picked up his guitar and Gareth got in position as the Prologue from Seven Rages Of Man started.


“Here I come, won’t be long
Pushing through, tearing you
Tunnel tight, fear the light
Time to feel something real”

bglive002Those opening lines poured forth as Blue Gillespie unleashed a barage of raw musical talent upon the waiting crowd, pushing away any and all expectations, tearing apart the soul and leaving us open to what I can honestly say is one of the best live acts I have seen in many years! We did feel something real… VERY real! Blue Gillespie aren’t just talented musicians, they are gifted performers who put their very souls into giving a live performance. When the opening chords of “The Mewling” pierced our eardrums we knew Blue Gillespie weren’t just putting on a show, they were performing the Seven Rages Of Man album in its entirety.

And they did.

Through all 7 Acts, the Prologue, 2 Interludes, the Epilogue and of course the always incredible “Effervescent Youth” and “Hydraslide”, Blue Gillespie’s performance captured us, took us with them as they ventured through the Rages.

No one knew whether to watch Gareth as he acted out each song and moshing with the crowd, Rhys as his fingers flew over the strings on his guitar and his foot tapped the bass set up on trigger – prerecorded by Rhys himself after Clarky left the lead guitarist role – or Nick on the kit as his beats thumped through the chests of everyone in the room.

bglive006We raged with them and they with us; and at the end of the night we left knowing we had seen something special. We had seen something real.

In many ways Blue Gillespie’s enthsiasm and “grimm determination” on stage reminds me of early footage of Metallica, in the Kill ‘Em All days.  I can’t wait for my next chance to see a Blue Gillespie gig!  If you ever get a chance to see them play do it, you wont be disappointed!

Have you listened to the VII Rages Of Man album yet? Listen to Seven Rages right now on SoundCloud or buy it online at the Blue Gillespie website.

Don’t forget, you can also follow Blue Gillespie on Facebook and Twitter.



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Album Review: Seven Rages Of Man by Blue Gillespie

The creation of a truly great concept album is something few bands can achieve.  It requires a belief and passion to tell  a story through the universal language of music and take the listener on a roller-coaster ride as they live the story along with the music.

So when Blue Gillespie set out to create their 2nd studio album as a concept album they were taking on a challenge that has beaten some of the best bands in the world.

VII R.O.M. Album Cover
VII R.O.M. Album Cover

The Welsh Progressive Metal four piece, known for their loud, unapologetic and downright real sound have been together since 2007 and have 2 EPs and 1 studio album.  Their 2nd studio album, VII R.O.M. (Seven Rages Of Man) is due for release in just a few days.

With Seven Rages, Blue Gillespie have created a concept album in its more pure form.  Inspired by Shakespeare’s “Seven Ages Of Man” speech, the album is a dark twisted journey through the many shades of human rage.  Structured on a theatre style format, the album begins with a prologue, journeys through seven Acts and ends with a crowd raising epilogue.

“Starting at birth and concluding at death the album not only works as one piece of music but also as an unpretentious, catchy head banger.”
~ Blue Gillespie

But words don’t do this album justice.   You need to listen to it to truly understood it.  You need to allow yourself to fall into the story and bathe in the river of rage to truly appreciate the creative genius behind the music.

Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones from Torchwood / Dr Who) leads the musical story through his wide vocal range full of emotion.  From primal screams to gut wrenching sadness, Gareth’s voice transports you to the heart of the journey in much the same way that Roger Waters and David Gilmour did on Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

The instrumentals and music on Seven Rages are absolutely incredible and don’t just compliment the vocals, but help bring them to life. From the fast paced aggression on the Mewling to the slower rhythmic beats of Messianic the music becomes a character of its own.  Anthony Clark (Guitar), Rhys Bryant (Bass) and Nick Harrison (Drums) create a formidable, awe inspiring and at times, downright scary sound that simply take this album to a whole new level.

Seven Rages is a stunning masterpiece of lyrical and musical genius that is up there with Pink Floyd’s “The Wall“, The Who’s “Tommy” and The Moody Blues “Days Of Future Passed“!

Can’t wait for the release? Listen to Seven Rages right now on SoundCloud or buy it online at the Blue Gillespie website.

Seven Rages Introduction by Gareth David-Lloyd

Some babies are born peacefully oblivious and silent. Some are born crying in discomfort at being suddenly dislodged from their fleshy chrysalis.

Our baby is born backwards.

Twisted and bruised, before even seeing the light of day he is wrenched from his mother’s cooling remains with sharp instruments and dirty hands.

His first feelings are those of confusion and frustration at the violation and relentless mauling that helps prise him into existence.

These feelings grow into something far worse as he is spat forth into the world.

He has done this before.

He already senses that this uncomfortable jolt to life is just the beginning and certainly not the worst of a life steeped in wrath.
~ Gareth David-Lloyd

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