Top 5 Signs You’re Addicted To Twitter

TwitterAddictI found an amusing article today on Site Trail that offers a lighthearted view at Twitter users.  Aptly named “Top 5 Signs You’re Addicted To Twitter”, author Tony Smith offers up 5 very funny, yet incredibly accurate signs that you may have gone around the point of no return with our favorite 140 character micro-blog site.

Ever found yourself constantly distracted with thoughts of your Twitter feed or broken out in a cold sweat when the Twitter API refuses to respond?  You could be addicted to Twitter! 

Don’t laugh, well, DO laugh actually, because lets be honest, the very thought of being a Twitter Addict brings a smile to the face.

Here’s an exerpt from the site:

“As funny as it sounds, Twitter addiction actually is a real problem for some people. Twitter is fun, but overindulging in anything can lead to problems. If you are reading this, then you might suspect you are a Twitterholic or you just think the concept of Twitter addiction is funny. Either way, if you think you might be addicted to Twitter, here are five ways to know for sure.”

So what are the 5 signs?

  • Constant Distraction
  • Inappropriate Tweets
  • Over Capacity Anxiety
  • Twitter Relationships Rule
  • Twitter Judging

to read the full article on Site Trail.

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Report: People More Likely To Lie On Twitter

Web Pro News posted an interesting article recently about how people behave on social media services such as twitter. In the report, it is said that up to 80% of users could be less than truthful when communicating with others on twitter.

According to the article…

Opinium Research polled 2,012 adults on behalf of Direct Line, and Direct Line stated afterward, “Just one in five people (20 per cent) profess to being more truthful on Twitter or text, compared to a third (31 per cent) who state that they are more frank when speaking to someone in the flesh.”

You can read the full article here.

This statistic shocks me. As i would have expected the number to be high, I would never have anticipated it being up as high as 80%. Given that many of us meet friends online these days, how many of our friends are entirely honest? Or, what about us? It’s a scary thought, and something to think about next time you think to answer with a mis-truth.

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Using Twitter Tags In Your Marketing

If you’re involved in internet marketing of any kind you use Twitter. Right? If you don’t, you should run over there right now and get an account! Twitter, love or hate it, is a great tool that everybody should have!Using Twitter is super fast, especially if you use third party software such as tweetdeck or similar products.

But, using it is not enough, you have to “use” it… to it’s full potential, and that includes being smart with Twitter tags.

Twitter tags are simply references / links you put in your twitter posts which link to the twitter search page for that tag.

Make sense?

Here’s how it works. Inside your twitter post, you simply add the tag, such as #tag. Any word started with # (no space) is going to link as a tag. When you click on that, it opens the twitter search page for that phrase. < -- The Twitter search page.

Here’s the real trick… instead of tagging in reference to your post… post in reference to the popular tags!

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Twubble is a web service that uses the Twitter API to cleverly scan your Twitter followers and produces a list of people that you might like to follow. Sound easy? It really is.
Twubble Logo
Upon visiting the Twubble website, you simply click the “Find some friends!” button, enter your twitter login details and wait while Twubble loads a list of potential followers. The results give you a number of options, including links to their twitter page, a link to run a google search on the potential friend, and a link to directly follow that user.

I tested the service and found the results included a number of friends i never knew were on Twitter.

As far as Twitter services go, Twubble comes highly recommended for all users of the Twitter service.

Visit the Twubble website at

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Tweetlater Logo

Tweet Later: Productivity Tools for Busy Tweeple

If you’re a regular Twitter user chances are you’re always on the lookout for Twitter tools that can make your everyday Twitterlife easier. Tweet Later comes through in spades!

What is Tweet Later? Not so much a what, but a collective of what’s. Tweet Later is a an online service providing a range of tools literally designed to make managing your Twitter account easier, more efficient, and most importantly, a 24/7 affair.

Before i get to the features that come with Tweet Later, let’s talk about how it stands on a usability rating. Registration is quick and easy. Navigation is pretty straight forward as everything is right there on the screen in front of you. Newbies to Twitter should be able to get around ok, and if not, they have a pretty good support base & documentation to help you out.

Scheduling Tweets is extremely straight forward and the options available are phenominal. After a lot of testing, i have not yet had any problems with scheduled tweets being posted. They also provide a URL shortening service that will shorten your URLs with 1 click of a button, allowing you more text in your tweets.

Here is what Tweet Later have to offer (All accts, free & pro):

  • Track keywords on Twitter. Get regular updates of tweets about keywords YOU choose.
  • Track replies missed on Twitter. All DM and @ replies are picked up for you.
  • Schedule tweets. Schedule tweets to go out while you sleep!
  • Save and reuse drafts. No more re-typing time and time again. Just save, and re-use.
  • Follow those who follow you — Automate!
  • Unfollow those who unfollow you — Automate!
  • Send welcome DMs to new followers — Automate!
  • Vet new followers — Semi-automation!
  • Personal status feed — Your own tweet engine!
  • Unlimited Twitter accounts. No extra charge for multiple accounts.

For those serious users, the TweetCOCKPIT (pro upgrade) also offers:

  • Manage all your Twitter accounts — One integrated console!
  • Integrate all timelines & keywords — Boost your productivity!
  • Filter your timelines — Tune in only on favorite friends!
  • Do the same action on multiple accounts — One click, save time!
  • Forward DMs to others — No copy & paste!
  • Mute annoying tweeters — Avoid frustrations!
  • Hide read tweets — Unclutter your view!
  • Highly configurable — Make it suit your exact needs!

Other Highly Sought After Features Included in Tweet Later Professional!

  • Schedule @replies and DMs — Send when recipient is online!
  • Schedule recurring tweets — Without them being repetitive!
  • Pause & unpause recurring tweets — Fine-tune campaigns!
  • Broadcast DMs to all followers — Get your message out!
  • Run your own Twitter bots — Fully automate accounts!
  • integration — Feed Facebook & MySpace!
  • Get all new enhancements — No extra charge!

Click the image below to visit Tweet Later and grab your free acount today!

Tweetlater Logo

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