Major SafeAdZone Update Incl. Audio Recording

If you are/were involved with any of the SafeAdZone / QUIK Family programs or TripleQUIKads, you MUST hear the latest update from Clint.  In fact, even if you are not in those programs but are involved in the Affiliate Marketing / MLM industry you should also catch up on this very important update.

The SafeAdZone blog update can be found here:


The blog update also contains an audio recording from this weeks presentation.

Summary of points from the presentation:

  • Server Crash on May 24th – No Offsite Backup was done by the server admin / programmer, contrary to representations indicating sufficient backups were in place.
  • Server admin has since renounced responsibility and is deemed unreliable.
  • Data loss due to no sufficient backup wiped out the total business and full-time income.
  • Clint is committed to rebuilding and providing members what they’re owed.
  • Will look for a new programmer with MLM experience and also develop strategic alliances.
  • Working with others in the industry including Brian Rooney and Penny Prechtl.
  • Clint / SAZ is not going anywhere and WILL relaunch!

You can listen to the presentation directly here:

Note: If you are a member of TripleQUIKads / TQA and wish to contact Allan regarding TQA’s relaunch chances or the server crash situation, you can submit a support ticket at his site.  I notice TripleQUIKads is not a listed department, so choose Followmydownline as the best option.

A number of people have asked me if my leaving TQA had anything to do with the current situation / hdd failure.  I want to clear that up right now and state that no, my departing happened long before the server issues and is 100% unrelated.  I left because I did not agree with an ill-advised and uncalculated business risk (financial) that my business partner at the time (Allan) was willing to make.  That is all I will speak on this matter on a public forum such as this.

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No Longer Supporting Follow My Downline and Payza

Every few weeks I review income opportunities and web services and decide if I should continue to support them, or withdraw my support of them.  In my latest review, there are 2 websites that I no longer support or recommend to my readers.  If you are a member of these programs, or are thinking of joining please ensure you do your research.

1) Follow My Downline

fmdheaderFollow My Downline (FMD) was launched earlier this year by the owner of TripleQUIKads, Allan (theguru) as an all-in-one downline builder system.   After the server crash that took down TQA and all the SafeAdZone websites, Follow My Downline managed to get relaunched pretty quick and appears to have continued to grow in members.

Unfortunately, recent events (that can not be mentioned here) have me greatly questioning the integrity and ethics of the ownership of the program, and the maintenance of the system.  As such, I am withdrawing all support and no longer recommending Follow My Downline or any programs associated with the ownership of the program.

2) Payza (formerly Alertpay)


For those involved in the Internet Marketing / MLM industry, the last 12 months have see a major shakeup in the area of payment processors thanks to the problems surrounding Alertpay.

After halting credit card payments for months on end, Alertpay eventually became Payza, leaving many people with a bad taste in their mouth.  At first, it appeared that Payza would simply be like Alertpay, but the more I look at it the less I like.  The final straw came with the Egopay processor, which quite frankly has me questioning the very legality of the Payza / Egopay systems.

Do Your Research!

Please do your OWN research before making a decision with regards to these, or any opportunity / website.   While I offer my own thoughts on these programs, each of them should be viewed with an open mind.  Please do your own research and decide if these programs / services are for you, based on your own findings.

A note about the SafeAdZone / TQA programs.  If you were a member of TQA / SAZ programs and have not done so yet head over to and fill in your details to stay informed.  Alternatively contact either Allan or Clint with any questions or concerns about your purchased advertising.

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TripleQUIKads & QUIK Sites Offline: Important Update

If you are a member of TripleQUIKads or any of the QUIK Family / SafeAdZone sites you may have noticed they are offline at present.

An update has been posted by the administrators, which can be found by visiting any of the websites affected.

The page reads:

We are currently experiencing server issues that require us to have our sites offline while we address the problems.

Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

We expect to have updated information and timetables by Sunday Afternoon, May 27th.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Clinton Clark

Allan Neagle

Please do NOT send me emails or questions regarding the downtime of these programs as I am no longer involved in the ownership of TQA.  Please direct all support requests to either Clint or Allan.

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Changes At TQA – Are You Paying Attention?

Those who know me are probably aware of the events of the last few weeks.  I’ve been keeping myself busy with my job as a stock taker and have been asked to train as a supervisor, so i’m really keen to get involved with that.  There have been some pretty drastic changes on the home business front also; centering primarily around my stepping down and walking away as a co-owner of the Leveraged List Mailer; TripleQUIKads (TQA).

My reasons for leaving are unimportant to the general readership of this site so I wont bore you with details.  Needless to say, I have had a few tell me that they’re not too keen on heavily promoting it now that I am not involved.  I thank you all for your incredible support and show of faith in my reputation and integrity, it is truly humbling to know that so many of you put their faith in TQA because I was involved.  I can’t tell you to keep promoting TQA anymore than i can tell you to stop.  You must decide that for yourself.  Those really concerned about my departure are more than welcome to contact me.

What now?  Well i’ll still be around as a regular member of the programs.  Between work, my web design business and my MLM work (Quik Family, etc), i’m keeping myself incredibly busy!

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