Why Facebook Is Essential To Your Business

Use Facebook To Increase SalesWhether you run an offline business, own your own online store or simply sell products on the Internet, Social Media networks like Facebook are essential if you wish for your business to succeed.

There was a time when Social Media networks were optional for business owners. Unfortunately, traditional marketing and sales methods don’t work well online where the largest market of potential clients are, so alternative strategies are required.

This is where Social Media sites step in; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Myspace to name just a few.

You can have the worlds best website with the best quality content possible, but if you don’t get people looking at it, the website is ineffective and costing you valuable time and money.

How Do I Get Traffic?

Facebook is one of the premier sources for high quality traffic and targeted niche markets. What you need to do is set up a Facebook Page for your business and/or Product. This page is not used to “sell” your product, but instead to gather leads, or “Fans” as Facebook refer to them. You would then use Facebook to offer information and updates to your leads. This step alone will lead to extra traffic to your website. But don’t stop there. You should also do the same for Twitter and other main Social Media networks, all designed to do the same thing.

Why do all this?

Simply put, we live in an era where “Social” is the key word. People use the Internet to interact and community with others, to find friends, network and gather information. There is a seemingly endless list of leads on the Internet for your business but to really tap into them you need to ensure your business is in the right place to do so.

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Outsource Your Social Marketing Tasks

Have you often found yourself being overwhelmed at the tasks on your Social Marketing to-do list? Ever discovered that before you can successfully use your fancy new Social Marketing tool you need to learn how to?

Outsourcing Social Marketing Tasks Can Save Time And HassleIf you’re like many people in this fast-changing industry, you probably do almost everything yourself, from creating your website, writing your blog posts and even submitting all your content to the appropriate aggregator sites.

Why? Why are you spending all your precious time on menial tasks when you could find others to do it for you; others with much more advanced skills in particular areas of expertese.

Outsourcing has often been considered something only the top dogs with money did. That is not true. Just last week I outsourced an article creation for less than $10, and the product was far better than anything I could have done myself.

Services such as Freelancer and ODesk are fast becoming a must-have for Social Marketers and those in the Social Media industry. There are literally hundreds of thousands of skilled people out there waiting to do your work, and many of them at an absolute bargain.

Next time you need an image created, an article written or even a larger task such as a new website built, keep these sites in mind.

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Community Marketing Explained By Dave

Community Marketing as explained by Dave the Cartoon Man

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