PPM Player Stats: Get Your Geek On Today With Career Stats

“Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”
~Aaron Levenstein

You know those insanely eclectic people who ride up on a motorbike, put on some metal music then break out the spreadsheet to track stats…? I’m a geek. A cool one, no doubt, but a geek all the same. I love stats, kick ass at games and go giddy with gadgets. As my wife once told me, “don’t fight it, embrace it”.

Those who’ve known me for some time will probably have heard me talk about tracking individual player stats at both Powerplay Manager hockey and soccer games. The PPM games are pretty good at tracking basic data, but they really lack important information such as powerplay goals, game winning goals etc. What can be done?

Get your geek on!

Since season 1 of both PPM hockey and soccer I have been tracking my individual player stats. After each league game i record things like powerplay goals/assists, shorthanded goals, overtime goals and game winning goals (all those vitals PPM doesn’t track).

Now, at this point you are possibly wondering why. I answer you this… why not? Ever been to an NHL website and looked at a players career stats and thought it would be cool to see that type of thing for your PPM players? You can, if you keep track of the data yourself.

Meet Donald Lafferty. He is the top line center for my PPM Hockey team, “The Brisbane Stars”. He joined my team from the Sports Academy late in season 2.

Donald Lafferty, Center
2 3 2 6 8 9 12 16.7 0 1 0 0 0
3 35 7 11 18 -9 84 8.3 6 1 7 0 1
4 38 13 29 42 13 93 14 14 0 9 0 2
5 38 15 18 33 18 80 18.8 4 4 9 1 1
6 38 14 23 37 24 69 20.3 4 5 9 0 3
7 28 3 16 19 4 67 4.5 12 1 11 0 0
180 54 103 157 59 405 13.77 40 12 45 1 7

Season 7 data is naturally only partial as the season is still underway (at the time of writing this article). The PPG, PPA, SHG and GWG are all stats that I had to track manually.

So, why do this?

There are 2 reasons. First, tracking career data allows you to see how your player has improved or played over period of a few seasons. For example, a quick look shows that Lafferty is having a terrible time in season 7 and is well below his normal goals and points. As Lafferty is also on my #1 powerplay line, i can also see that his PPG data is lower than I would like, but he’s been setting more people up, which is a bonus. The second reason is simply because it’s cool. Hey, i did warn you that i’m a geek.

Want to track data?

PPM do most the work for you, so all you need is just the extra data. In a spreadsheet just list your players in column A, then put these headings in columns B, C, D etc; PPG, PPA, SHG, OTG, GWG. After each game just update those columns as required. At the end of the season, take the player stats table, transfer it to a spreadsheet, add this extra data to the relevant player rows and voila, full player data much like you get on an NHL website.

If you need help or suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop me a message here on the site or over at PPM (my team name is “Brisbane Stars”, username “trueblue55”). I’m always keen to help out where I can.

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