Can Bing Compete Compete With Googles Domination?

Bing Vs GoogleFirst we had the Cola Wars, then came the Smart Phone Wars… the question flying around the internet these days is whether we are on the verge of seeing a brand new Social Media War.  For years now Google has stood alone at the top with regards to search and has led the way in the area of PPC Advertising and Market Share.  While there have been countless challenges to Google’s market share, nobody has really stood a chance.

Which raises the question: Can Bing mount a serious challenge and topple the king? Webmaster news source Sitepronews argue that they don’t believe it’s possible, as they reported in a story earlier this week.

“I think it is going to be extremely difficult for Bing to ever seriously compete with Google, but that doesn’t mean they are going to stop trying.” ~ SiteProNews

As SiteProNews mention, the biggest difference between Google and Bing is the revenue they each generate and the market share they have across the globe.

In the 2011 fiscal year Google totally dominated, generating $37 Billion in revenue from PPC Advertising to Bing’s $1 Billion.  They backed this up with an incredible 81.7% market share globally to Bing’s tiny 4.4%!  In the US, arguably the biggest market for both companies Google again dominates with more than 66% of the market to Bing’s 15.2%.

But here’s the kicker, at the end of the day it all comes down to trust.  Who do you like and trust more? 

“The main issue I have with Bing, and the reason I think they will never compete with Google, is the fact they call themselves a decision engine. Why would anyone want Microsoft making their decisions for them?”

Market Share, decision engines, algorythms, the battle for search supremacy may already be over before it’s begun.  But Bing seem determined and that is something they will need if they intend to truly mount a challenge against Google.

Whether you side with Google or Bing, I highly recommend heading over to SiteProNews now to read the full story.

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7 Costly Marketing Mistakes

Before you launch your next marketing campaign, whether online or offline, make sure to avoid some of the most common marketing mistakes.

1. Failure to Write a Powerful Headline.

Whether you are writing a newspaper ad, email message or press release, you must create a powerful headline. Research suggests that your headline is the most important part of your ad. It is absolutely essential that you draw your prospective customer or client into your ad and keep them interested in what you have to offer. Spend quality time creating your headline and you will notice much better results.

2. Absence Of An Irresistible Offer.

In marketing, 40% of the response that you receive from your prospects is directly related to your offer. In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to present your client or customer with an offer that they can’t resist.

Offers can range from discounts to offering a free report, but the fact remains that your marketing should always contain some sort of offer your prospects can’t refuse. If you have an irresistible offer, people will respond.

3. A Weak Or Non-Existent Call To Action.

Every single time you create an ad, you want to direct your prospective client or customer to take a specific action. This action can be to call a toll-free number, visit a website or place an order. If you fail to tell your prospect exactly what you want them to do, they will not do anything. Take your prospect by the hand and show them what they need to do next in order to move them smoothly through all parts of the sales process.

4. An Inadequate List.

Even if you have the best product since sliced bread, you need highly targeted and responsive prospects. This can be accomplished by building a list. There are dozens of tools that allow you to build a list quickly and efficiently. The best way to accomplish this is by asking prospects to supply you with their name and email in exchange for your “irresistible free offer.” Most marketers agree that growing a list is perhaps one of the most important jobs for any small business.

5. Relying On One Marketing Message.

On average, consumers are exposed to over 4,000 marketing messages every day. Recent research suggests that your clients and customers will need to see your marketing message between seven and twelve times before they even take notice! That means you can never rely on sending one message to your prospects; instead, you will need to send repeated messages to them over and over again. Decide how you will deliver your message and then make sure to develop and continue a relationship with your prospect in an ongoing process.

6. Failure To Measure Campaign Effectiveness.

There are literally hundreds of ways to market your small business. Over time, you will most likely tap into dozens of these marketing platforms. However, it is absolutely vital that you take time to measure the effectiveness of your various marketing campaigns. This can be done with simple spreadsheets or fancier CRM systems. No matter how you measure your marketing, you must understand what is working and what is not working so that you can be extremely effective.

7. Not Communicating With Your Current Customers.

It is vital to provide ongoing communication with your current customer base. Most likely you have spent time and money acquiring new customers. Moreover, 20% of your current customers will purchase from you again. Make sure that you communicate with your customers on a regular basis, solicit their feedback and provide value to them over the long-term. This will help build your business over time.

Whether you are a brand new marketer or established veteran, it is essential to avoid some of these most common marketing mistakes. To be successful over time, you must continually work to improve your marketing effectiveness. If you do, you will soon find your business growing quicker and easier than you ever imagined.

Jessica Swanson has helped thousands of small business owners, all over the world, implement low-cost, high-impact DIY marketing campaigns. Known for her energy, passion and “get-it-done” attitude, Jessica takes complicated marketing concepts, turns them upside-down, and makes them incredibly simple and outrageously straightforward. To download your FREE Shoestring Marketing Kit, visit:
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