Social Media Marketing: Plan – Organize – Execute

Social Media MarketingSocial Media is one of the most successful methods used by marketers right now. Whether it be through the highly targeted ad networks that services such as Facebook offer, or through aggregator sites such as DIGG or, Social Media simply works.

If it’s so good, why then do so many struggle to find the success others do?

As with any thing you do in life, Social Media Marketing requires effort and a bit of smarts. The fact is, without the following 3 things, your marketing efforts will always be destined to fail.

1. Create A Plan & Set Goals

Business goals are an essential. Do you want to sell a product? Great, what is your target? Want to increase your traffic? What is the figure you want to achieve? You must set goals for all your Social Marketing needs. Don’t rush them either, instead take your time to carefully develop a plan that you know will work. It must be achievable, workable and most importantly, realistic.

2. Organize Yourself To Make The Plan Work

Once you have a plan, you need to start working on how best to get it working. A bit of structure goes a long way in life, so ensure that your daily routine includes everything you need to make your plan work. Set time aside for certain Social Media tasks, even the most mundane of them.

3. Execute The Plan With An Open Mind

Social Media Marketing can be incredibly successful, but it can also be fickle at times. While you may have a plan and a great routine, you must keep an open mind and be prepared to tweak your system as time goes on. Be confident in the knowledge that you have a well developed and structured marketing plan as per steps 1 and 2, however be prepared to put in a lot of effort to reach that success.

Plan, Organize & Execute.

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Essential SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization is a marketing technique to enhance the strategies and tactics used to improve a websites ranking in the search engines. There are strategies you can do in order to increase your sites ranking. If done effectively there should be an apparent increase in your sites placement on search engines.

The choice of your keywords is central for the success of your sites rankings. You need to begin to think about your conversion goals. An application such as ‘Google Analytics’ will help you with this, as it enables you to see which key phrases result in most conversion goals. Try and stay away from popular keywords that have thousands of competitive sites in search results. ‘AdWords keyword suggestion’ tool can assist you in your choice. This will suggest niche key phrases that will have a high search volume, and with low competition.

Site structure and content is imperative when trying to increase your ranking status. Having good, relevant and useful content will more than likely provoke search engines to rank your page higher in appropriate searches. Other sites will be more inclined to link to your pages, if the content is good, therefore further increasing your ranking. Regularly updated content will help, as many visitors like fresh content. This results in them visiting the site more often equalling to more visits, more links and more traffic. The structure of your site is valuable also. If your site’s navigation is simple, it will be easier for visitors and search engines to find your content. Include many links on your pages to other pages in your website, as this will enhance your navigation for visitors and search engines also.

Try not to duplicate any of your content on your pages, as search engines really dislike pages that have almost the same content on them. They will often give these pages a much lower ranking. Description and Keyword Meta tags are to not be forgotten either; your description tag should be a useful and convincing summary of the page content. This tag is used to display the summary of your page in search results, so be sure to make it full of central keywords. It is key however, to make sure your Keyword and Description Meta tags are different; if not, a search engine will see these as less important pages.

Lastly, it is essential to track your sites SEO performance. You can do this through ‘Google Webmaster’ tool, or ‘Google Analytics’. This will enable you to see your sites current ranking, and to see if there’s an increase or a decrease. This permits you make some changes to your strategies if needed.

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