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That Night (1995)

That Night

In exhausted hope away you walked.
That night in June, oh, how we talked;
those hours spent so deep in thought
of how in this trap we found us caught.

Sudden and spontaneous, the discussion flowed;
blame and reason, the thoughts disowned.
How we went from love to fight
in what seemed to be a hateful night.

Holding hands and letting the eyes meet
we both felt the warmth that used to be;
|warmth, however, is never a key
to what it takes to be.

Those hours passed, oh, how long they were.
Tears rolled out, putting all in a blur.
When the coffee’s was gone and we were out-talked,
in exhausted hope away you walked.

~ Sam Hansen (Published)

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The Lonely Dark (of myself)

The Lonely Dark (of myself)
This poem is about what it’s like to be stuck in an OCD mind.

It’s so dark in here in the world of myself
the only movement a shadow of thought
i sit by my lonesome on a single wood chair
no control of the mind that i ought

Whispers of Grey they harass my ears
of white noise from the outside i crave
chaotic flood of pain swallows my soul
kicking and screaming deep into the cave

An echo of memory reverberates from the inside
a déjà vu moment so completely whole
a spark in a nerve sends a shudder throughout
relinquishing a moment of power and control

Copyright ©2009 Samuel Hansen

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Demons (2003)


This poem was written at an incredibly dark period of time, and is quite simply about depression.

Darkness falls upon the taunted soul,
past feelings emerging as easy as
they feel demons taking control,
turning leaves, switching minds, to
take back to hell what once belonged
to its death and fury.
To flesh and blood we sit as
nothing, mortals, mistake filled
carcasses, waiting for the next
error, waiting for guilt and acrid,
felt waiting for darkness to fall
and taunt the taunted.
Lives filled with judgement, pain,
stress and struggle, knowing not
what is meant, nor wanting the
answers we seek, and tho we sit as
nothing, and let the demons enter
our lives, we recognise a feeling
and warmth which shows we are human.

~ Sam Hansen (Published)

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