Three Issues Causing PPM Managers Major Concern

People are upset with PPMIt would appear that the list of people upset with the popular online sports manager game, Powerplay Manager, is growing by the day, driven by frustration and a sense of unfairness.

Powerplay Mananger, arguably the internets #1 hockey and soccer manager games have created a true masterpiece with their system. The features far beat out their closest competitor and the game engine drives a competitive, and sometimes heartbreaking game experience.

But as good as game may be, there are issues that are causing some managers, even the experienced and most loyal managers, to re-think their participation in the game. And that concerns me.

Here are the big 3 issues that are causing grief amongst the managers, causing some to leave the game.

National Teams, or lack there of.

PPM have always said that in order for a country to have a national team, they must have their own league. This is fine for the majority, but there are always countries that will struggle to gain enough managers to get their own league; Australia and New Zealand are two such examples. We have great managers with brilliant players but due to the way PPM is programmed, we can’t have a national team. We miss out on the opportunity to represent our country, and as such, get the OTR gains that could come with that. We are a close knit group in Other World (hockey) and Oceania (soccer), and don’t actually want an Australian league, as it would mean losing many of our friends who we play with in our current leagues.

Vlady confirmed on the PPM forums today that this is not a programming issue, and is simply a policy decision.  This is very upsetting, as clearly there is a demand for this feature to be made available!

Credit Features, the extras that cost

Credit features have their place in the game, there is no arguing that. The problem here is that for every feature added to the pro pack, there appears to be 3 or 4 added as extra credit features; many of which are included in pro packs in similar games. Many loyal pro pack users are starting to opt out of paying for pro because of the alleged lack of support they feel they get from PPM. To the credit of PPM, the credit features do add incredible enhancements to the game and are still worth the cost, if of course, you can afford it after paying for pro pack, etc.

Pro Pack & Advertising

It’s really hard to believe i’m actually writing this, as in almost all other membership sites (games or not), if you pay for an upgraded membership it usually means you get little or no advertising. This is not actually an issue, or at least would not be an issue if people were not paying for the extra credit features already. But there is great news. If you use Firefox you can install the adblock extension which will completely remove all of the advertising.

Help Us

We would love your help. If you’re a manager at PPM and you believe that all countries should have a National Team please contact tuttle or vlady at PPM and tell them your thoughts. Hopefully, if enough people express an opinion on this issue PPM will think about changing the way the National Team system works. Thanks in advance.

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