PPM Line Strategy: 4-Step Player Skill Method

Over the last 2 and a half seasons i’ve seen a lot of people ask about how they should train their players and/or find the best place for them on their team. While there are a number of theories about how to best setup your team, there are none that are 100% full-proof and accurate. I’ve had a lot of players come and go through my team over the last year and have tried and tested a few different methods to try and come up with a proven system. What I discovered is that there is 1 system that not only is highly accurate, but is also blatently obvious and right in front of us. I’ve named this the “4-Step Player Skill Method”.

The Process

The method is really quite simple. It looks at 4 key plarts of your players skills and narrows them down to find the best position / place to play them, and how to train them. You will find if you use a spreadsheet such as google spreadsheets or excel this system is much easier to follow.

Disclaimer: I want to point out that my preferred training method is the 4-3-2 (or 100%-75%-50%) method where your secondary attributes are 75% and 50% of your primary attribute. If you train a different style, please take this into account when reading below.

The 3 steps to this method focus on the following:

  1. Player Attribute Balance
  2. Attribute Quality
  3. Preferred Side
  4. Experience & Chemistry

I will explain each a little in detail below.

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