PPM Sponsor Offers Strategy: Marketing Manager Specialists

Staff MembersAs we fast approach the end of season 5 at PPM Soccer, it’s time to start thinking about preparing for the off-season, and the end of season sponsorship offers.

Specifically, one key factor your team will need are two good quality managers, specifically trained in marketing.

From the guide: 2. Marketing – this attribute indicates the ability to negotiate better contracts with general and media sponsors.

Depending on your managing style you will already have managers, so the question is how good are they, and how big an impact will they have on your potential offers?

My suggestion is to train or buy off the market 2 managers specifically trained in marketing (attribute 2). There are always plenty of managers on the market, but the prices tend to increase the closer to the end of the season we get, so i recommend you start looking now.

What are your thoughts on this strategy? Do you do something different? Leave your thoughts below.

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PPM Hockey: The New Game Engine Tactics Explained

Do you sense that? That strange sensation… as if 10,000 voices screamed out and were suddently silenced.

PPM TacticsNo, this isn’t a scene from Star Wars, it’s the unveiling of the new tactic and Game Engine at Powerplay Manager for season 7. To all the critics out there who complained that PPM don’t listen and all the people who demanded more control of their team… your wishes have been answered.

And answered incredibly well at that!

PPM introduced some pretty major changes to the game engine for this new season of PPM Hockey, giving you, the manager, much more control over how your team plays on the ice. In this post, i want to run briefly through these changes especially the tactical changes.

Game Importance

Game Importance

As you can see from the image above, PPM have added 2 new game importance options. Now, instead of just Low, Normal and High you also have Very Low and Very High. Naturally, the energy usage of these levels has changed also (see below).

Game type Very low Low Normal High Very high
Friendly and tournament games 0.02 0.05 0.10 0.20 0.30
Competitive games 0.10 0.25 0.50 1.00 1.50

Game Importance By Period

Game Importance by period

This is a fantastic move that allows you to step into the locker room and tear your team up, inspire them and send them back out with much more (or less) desire to win. Yes, you now have the ability to start the game with one game importance level and finish it on another. Incredible you say? Yes indeed!

Special Teams


Quite possibly the BIGGEST improvement to the game engine, you now have control over your Special Teams. You have 3 options for both Powerplay and Penalty Kill which will determine how your team plays when on the PP or PK. Naturally, for every PP tactic there is a corrosponding PK tactic, so select a tactic that plays to your teams strengths. Be sure to read the guide carefully to learn which style suits your team best.

Ice Time By Line


Ever wanted your top line to truly be a TOP line, play more ice time and give you a better chance of winning? You now can! No longer will your 4th line grinders play the same amount of ice time as your top line franchise players. PPM have now made it possible for you to manually set your own ice time levels for each line. Simply change the figures to suit your needs, just make sure that the line totals add up to 100. So for example, want to play a game much like an NHL team, you would use something like 35-30-20-15. This is an incredible feature, BUT, use it wisely, for the amount of ice time directly relates to seasonal and game energy loss, so playing your top line heavily will damage your team later in the season.

Other Changes You Can’t See

I touched on these 2 changes in my previous post. The first is that the shooting attribute now has a much more relevant role in your teams scoring success, so it is vital that you have your players trained to shoot, not just in offense.

The other main change is that the technique attribute is now more importance. Teams with low technique will start to see their team playing much more on the Penalty Kill, and we all know what happens when you spend most the game killing off penalties…

You will have noticed that the goalie star rating has decreased. Don’t worry about this, as PPM made some changes to better display the goalies strength. This is an appearance thing only, and does not mean your goalie decreased in skill.

What Now…

If you have pre-defined tactics you are going to want to check them all and make the relevant changes to bring them in-line with the new game engine. Same goes for training, especially those shooting and technique attributes.

Best of luck in season 7, may the force be with you all.

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3 Things You Should Do For PPM Hockey Season 7

The Puck Has A Secret About PPMUnless you’ve been living under a rock or have not been paying attention to the updates from PPM, you will be well aware that there are going to be come changes made to the PPM Game Engine at the start of season 7. These changes aim to make the game more competitive and more challenging for managers, which should, I believe, make the game more fun.

But fun and challenges aside, it is very important to stay on top of the changes that PPM make to their system if you intend to stay on top of your team.

So, here are 3 simple suggestions that everybody should be doing leading up to, and well into the next season of PPM hockey.

Train Shooting

The shooting attribute is fairly self explanatory; it is involved in how often and how well your players send the puck on net. But up until now, you could get away with high offense and lower shooting attributes because of the way the game engine worked. Not any more. Players with low shooting will be less effective next season, so if you are one of those who have neglected your shooting attribute on players, get them training in it now.

Train Technique

Another training suggestion you ask? Well, yes. As of next season the way the system calculates aggression and technique will changes, which means if you have low technique across your team you can expect to take a LOT more penalties. So, unless you have a great team of penalty killing monsters, get the technique on the rise now! This applies especially to wingers and defenders who both use aggression as a key attribute to their position.

Study Your Lines

This suggestion comes from a discussion i had recently with a friend who was confused as to why they kept losing games even though they had a strong team. After looking at their lineup i realised their problem was simply that they had not put much effort into setting up their team. Don’t put players who prefer the right side on the left and vice versa. Don’t put a winger in a center position or a defender as a winger. Don’t train the offense attribute on a goalie. It may sound stupid, but I have seen ALL these things done on a regular basis. With the coming changes to the PPM system, it is even more important than usual to make sure your team is set up the VERY BEST it can be. So take the time to study your players. If you’re not sure, ask on the forums for advice or drop me a message here. There is always someone willing to point you in the right direction.

As always, please feel free to leave comments below.

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MOVED: 3 Things You Should Do For PPM Hockey Season 7

Please Note: This article has been moved to the PPM Hockey Guides section.

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PPM: Random, Chance And The Perfect Play

A while back I wrote an article that explained why “random” does not exist at Powerplay Manager. The debate still rages on the PPM forums however, that there is too much “random” in the game.

So, I wanted to take a few minutes to explain this idea of “chance” a little further.

As i’d previously stated, the PPM match results in both hockey and soccer are made up of hundreds of individual scenarios, each with more than one possible result. A shooter takes a shot, he either scores or misses, etc etc so on and so forth. The game result itself is not generated from a single calculation, but rather a multitude of single-scenario ones. It appears that this is where people get confused on this issue, as all too often we hear that Team A with more stars lost to Team B with fewer stars. Well, stars mean nothing when it comes to the game engine, they’re simply a visual depiction of a teams “overall” strength. But overall strength is irrelevant when it comes to a forward taking on a defender, or a winger on a breakaway.

The following is a typical scenario in PPM soccer. I am using soccer in the example simply because the live game was only a few hours back and it’s fresh in my mind. In the live game, the text would show something similar to:

Player A runs the ball and comes up against a defender, he flips the ball one way, goes the other way and then takes on the goalie. He shoots, and the goalie makes a save but concedes a corner.

A scenario seen in most football matches the world over.

Let’s break this down.

Calculation #1: Forward vs Defender

The game will look at the forward and take into account his attributes, experience, chemistry etc. It will then look at the defender and take into account his attributes, energy, experience etc. If home-field advantage is used, that is added to the calculation to strengthen one of the players odds of winning the one on one battle. In this scenario the forward, who has higher skills and is the better player walks around the defender. End of calculation.

Calculation #2: Forward vs Goalie

Like above, the system will now run a whole new calculation using the attributes, energy, experience etc of both the forward and the goalie and works out what chances each player has of either scoring or making the save. Does the shooter miss the net? Does the goalie catch the ball? does the goalie save it but concede a corner? There are multiple scenarios all worked out in this gigantic couldren of chance. The shooter strikes the ball, the goalie gets a hand to it, but it’s a corner. End of calculation.

As this was a corner, we now need a new calculation:

Caltulation #3: Corner kick-taker Vs Offensive Team Vs Defensive Team Vs Goalie

I’m not going to explain this one, but you get the idea of how it would work.

The Weak Team Beating Strong Team “Random” Argument

The biggest beef I have with people on the forums is when they say “Team A is a lot weaker, it should not have won”. I say to you, why?

Say for example you have Team A who has an overall star rating of 13 going up against a stronger team with an overall star rating of 17. Should the 17 team win every time? No, that would be unrealistic because weak teams DO win against stronger teams in real life.

But, what happens if that weak team happens to have 1… just 1 truly superstar player, who himself has an OR of 250, perfect EOR and EQ (read the forums for explanations) and a great shot. If that guy gets the ball, chances are he’s better than the defenders or the goalie on Team B. The calculations therefore are going to give him a good chance of scoring the goal. Now if he happens to get the ball 5 times during a game he might get 2 shots away and score on both of them. Going the other way Team A may have 4 “good” defenders who managed to shut down Team B’s scorers. All of a sudden you have a game that might end 2-0 to the seemingly weaker team.

The thing is, while the team may be weaker overall, the system does not look at the results as a single calculation. So, please, you need to take into account the individuals plays involved before assuming a team should have one or lost.

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