New PPM Player Advertising Feature: What Is It Really About?

Powerplay Manager are bringing in a new feature next week which will allow managers to advertise players they have on the transfer market to the PPM public.

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This feature appears to serve 3 purposes; allows managers to advertise, creates an extra cash flow for PPM, and removes numerous transfer threads.

“This new feature scheduled for launch next week spells the end of the infamous market threads on the forums.” ~ PPM’s Facebook Page

My first thought is simply “why”?

Transfer threads are part of every game like PPM. They don’t hurt anybody and are often incredibly valuable tools to get your transfer players known to others. While they are seen by many ase useless, the fact remains that they are popular and well used on a regular basis. PPM did confirm that 1 transfer thread would remain, in the International forum, so all is not lost.

To me, this feature seems to be more about making PPM money and less about the actual advertising of players, a thought that was at least, in part confirmed earlier today:

“Yes Sam, if we do our job we need money to do it. Besides that if somebody want to advertise it is know that it costs money.”

I say "in part" because after discussing with PPM this issue, a very important feature came up; designing, developing and programming a game as in-depth as PPM is not easy. It takes a LOT of time and an even larger amount of money.

So while my original response was one of "why another cost?!?", I do understand the reasoning behind the move. Agree with it as a user, no, but understand it, yes.

For the record, this is a GREAT addition. It’s a valuable tool that will be very popular.

What do you think? Please leave your thoughts below.

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