Selling On The PPM Hockey and Soccer Markets

At some point in time you will no doubt decide to sell a player on the open market at PPM. Selling a player is a really simple process but many appear to fail at the most important part of the process… setting a minimum sale price. Sure, there may be times when the final sale price is unimportant, however 99% of the time you’re going to want to make sure you get the best dollar value you can for your player.

Most veteran players have their own way of setting the minimum sale price for a player, but I wanted to touch on a very basic entry level method that I recommend to new people; Research.

Research The Market

This applies to both hockey and soccer games at PPM. In the example below I am going to use a hockey player, however just use a soccer player and their attributes to do the same on the soccer market.

Say for example you have a player that you wish to sell who has the following attributes:

Offense: 100
Shoot: 12
Pass: 60
Tech: 50
Agg: 9

First of all you want to identify his 3 key attributes and therefore his preferred position. In this players case, I have bolded the 3 key attributes, Offense-Pass-Tech, which make him prefer the CENTER position.

Now you need to go to Market page on Powerplay Manager (in this case, the Hockey market) and make a filtered search which applies to the 3 attributes of the player you want to sell. You should round down the attributes on the search to get a larger list of players on the market. I tend to round down, so the search results will show slightly weaker players also. In this players case i would suggest filtering your search to Offense: 90 Pass: 50 and Tech: 45.

What you now have is a list of players currently on the market who have key attributes similar to your player. Take a look at the prices those players are selling for, taking time to also compare the players OR, QUALITIES and minor attributes also to get a good idea. If you find the prices vary a lot, look at the other attributes also. What you are trying to do is get a rough idea of the price your player could expect to sell for. Needless to say, if you have 10 players in the results and 9 have sale prices of $500k and 1 has $3mil then the lower price is no doubt the one you should be looking at.

One last step… think about what kind of price you WANT the player to sell for. While it is recommended you list the player at a low(er) price, don’t be afraid to use a starting price higher than the results suggest, as you never know what other managers will do when they see your player on the market.

This method is also suggested for selling STAFF on the PPM Staff Market also.

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