A PPM Hypothetical: Player, Facility or Stand?

As we’re in the last days of the first season of PPM soccer I wanted to throw out a hypothetical question to the legions of PPM fans on the world wide web.

In soccer we’re all still in the process of developing our teams. Sure, some are further along than others, but in some way or another we’re all in build mode.

So, if you had $10,000,000 cash right now but could only spend it on ONE item, what would it be; Player, Facility or Stand?

$10 Million could get you a top player in PPM Soccer which will give your team an immediate boost for Season 2. A forward could increase your scoring, a midfielder could improve your balanced play and a defenseman could help your teams goals against. A better goalie could be the key to more victories and possible championships.

An increase in facilities may not help your team immediately, but will give your team the infrastructure it needs to build into the future. Adding to your training or sports academy would be a great move if you wanted to focus on coming seasons.

More people means more money, and the only way to get more bums on seats is to get more stands. Bigger stands also mean better secondary facilities such as press boxes and restaurant. Stands help your team immediately as well as add to your teams infrastructure.

What do you do?

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PPM Soccer Season 1: A Few Stats

Powerplay Manager Online Soccer GameWould you believe we’re almost at the end of the first Powerplay Manager Soccer season? It seems like only last week the PPM team launched the soccer game.

I was thinking about how the game has progressed over the course of the season, and have been very impressed at the level of quality put into the game. I got to thinking, how has the game developed from a user point of view? How are the players looking?

So here are a few player, team and league stats from season 1 of the PPM Soccer game:

Player with the highest average quality:
Miloslav Amrich from the team “Chelsea 58” in the Slovakia V.61 League

Player with the Best Overall Rating:
Filip Chropovsky with an incredible 306 OR from the team “MFK Kosice” in the Slovakie IV.16 League

Best single league attendance:
11,800 on 24 August, 2010 when home team “Real 2010 Madrid “jalu”” hosted the “Capitals Marl” In Germany II.2 League

Most goals in a league match:
13 on 1 July, 2010 when home team “Dinamo Smiltene” defeated “sportacentrs.com” in Latvia IV.43 League

Highest Overall Team Rating (OTR) average:
Slovakia I.1 with a whopping average 102.03 OTR per team!

League with the most goals:
Latvia II.1 with 805 goals.

Team with the best Overall Team Rating:
Holland Pioneers with 143.81 OTR in the Netherlands I.1 League

Most Points in a League:
Trueblue United with 87 points in Other World I.1 League (this is my team)

With just a handful of games remaining in the first season, we’re down to the pointy end of the game. Some teams have their respective leagues wrapped up with the #1 spot, other leagues are still battling it out each day. Good luck to everybody out there with their teams. If you ever want to play a friendly, don’t hesitate to drop me a challenge. Just search for Trueblue United, or use the link just above.

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