Is Your PPM Soccer Keeper A Head Above The Rest?

How much do you pay attention to how you train your keeper on your Powerplay Manager soccer team? As with most team sports, a good keeper can make or break a season for your team.

The guide suggests that technique and speed have a major influence on a goalies skill, and the passing and head attributes have a small, or little influence. But the guide is just that, a “guide”. Research done by others and myself however suggests that the head attribute may have a much larger influence on a keeper than many believe.

Edwin Van Der Sar makes a saveThe “head” attribute influences a players ability to play the ball off the head, which also means a players ability to jump for the ball. So the argument could be made that the head attribute could also influence a keepers ability to jump for the ball to make a catch or save.

Do you think top flight keepers like Manchester United’s Edwin Van Der Sar (right) don’t train in jumping? Of course they do.

Which brings me to the attributes themselves, and the ratio allegedly best used. The most common attribute used for goalies at PPM is 4-3-3-1-1. This is based purely on the suggestion in the guide as I mentioned at the top of this article. I believe however that a goalie performs better if the head attribute is increased to 50% of the primary, which would lead to a 4-3-3-1-2 attribute ratio (goal-tech-speed-pass-head). Does this mean the guide is incorrect? Not at all. PPM make it clear that the guide is a reference only, not a “set in stone” sure fire way to train your players.

Something to think about next time you train your keepers.

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