Major SafeAdZone Update Incl. Audio Recording

If you are/were involved with any of the SafeAdZone / QUIK Family programs or TripleQUIKads, you MUST hear the latest update from Clint.  In fact, even if you are not in those programs but are involved in the Affiliate Marketing / MLM industry you should also catch up on this very important update.

The SafeAdZone blog update can be found here:


The blog update also contains an audio recording from this weeks presentation.

Summary of points from the presentation:

  • Server Crash on May 24th – No Offsite Backup was done by the server admin / programmer, contrary to representations indicating sufficient backups were in place.
  • Server admin has since renounced responsibility and is deemed unreliable.
  • Data loss due to no sufficient backup wiped out the total business and full-time income.
  • Clint is committed to rebuilding and providing members what they’re owed.
  • Will look for a new programmer with MLM experience and also develop strategic alliances.
  • Working with others in the industry including Brian Rooney and Penny Prechtl.
  • Clint / SAZ is not going anywhere and WILL relaunch!

You can listen to the presentation directly here:

Note: If you are a member of TripleQUIKads / TQA and wish to contact Allan regarding TQA’s relaunch chances or the server crash situation, you can submit a support ticket at his site.  I notice TripleQUIKads is not a listed department, so choose Followmydownline as the best option.

A number of people have asked me if my leaving TQA had anything to do with the current situation / hdd failure.  I want to clear that up right now and state that no, my departing happened long before the server issues and is 100% unrelated.  I left because I did not agree with an ill-advised and uncalculated business risk (financial) that my business partner at the time (Allan) was willing to make.  That is all I will speak on this matter on a public forum such as this.

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TripleQUIKads & QUIK Sites Offline: Important Update

If you are a member of TripleQUIKads or any of the QUIK Family / SafeAdZone sites you may have noticed they are offline at present.

An update has been posted by the administrators, which can be found by visiting any of the websites affected.

The page reads:

We are currently experiencing server issues that require us to have our sites offline while we address the problems.

Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

We expect to have updated information and timetables by Sunday Afternoon, May 27th.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Clinton Clark

Allan Neagle

Please do NOT send me emails or questions regarding the downtime of these programs as I am no longer involved in the ownership of TQA.  Please direct all support requests to either Clint or Allan.

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ListQUIK is an online List Mailer/List Builder service. List Mailers are not a new thing to the Internet, and services similar to ListQUIK have been used around the world for a number of years. ListQUIK however stands out from the crowd. Why? Simply put, because it’s one of the best List Mailers the internet has ever seen, if not THE best.

First things first… what is a List Mailer / List Builder?

List Mailers are also referred to as Safelist Services around the Internet. They are programs that allow you to send regular Solo ad emails to their membership in exchange for you receiving emails from other users. Unlike traditional Safelist sites however, List Mailers often have a lot of extra perks and limits on the number of emails you will receive daily.

Why ListQUIK?

I mentioned that ListQUIK is potentially the best List Mailer available, and you’re no doubt wondering why. For a start, ListQUIK members on average receive no more than 4 emails each day, and all of them contain a link that gives you GUARANTEED cash or send credit prizes. Yes, I said that “G” word. Every email you receive will in turn give you either cash or credits. More importantly is that ListQUIK is transparent. The owner, Clint Clark is very open to the public and holds meetings daily with updates and new information. ListQUIK could be seen as the local store of Mailing List sites where the owner goes above and beyond to ensure you are happy with his business. Better still, there is no monthly fee!

One time Fee?

Yes indeed. For those wishing more features, bigger returns and the ability to mail to loads more people there are a range of upgrade options. The best part of ListQUIK though is that all the upgrades are one-time fees. There are no ongoing monthly subscriptions. You get more for a one time fee than other sites give you with a monthly, and those other sites… they charge you MORE per month than ListQUIK charges once. Go figure!

What about Compensation?

Some List Mailers do offer referral and compensation programs, and ListQUIK is no different. Being part of the “QUIK” family of sites and powered by SafeADzone (formerlly Revenue Magic), ListQUIK has a vast experience in the MLM and affiliate marketing space. The affiliate opportunity is designed with this industry in mind.

Free to Join?

Yes. ListQUIK has a 100% free option. In fact you have to join free, as there is no other option. Think of it as a try before you buy system.

Click the banner below to take a look at ListQUIK today.

ListQUIK List Mailer

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ResidualQUIK Site Review


The online advertising mlm industry is full of websites claiming to provide great advertising and an opportunity to get some cash-back in the process. As you can imagine, this is a pretty hectic industry to try and compete in, and to be honest, very few people ever create a product as good as they claim.

So you can probably imagine how reluctant I was to review ResidualQUIK, a new site that launched in the last few days. I know what you’re thinking, “oh no, not another scam site”. You know, i don’t blame you, this industry is full of them. However, I did take the time to review ResidualQUIK and the results are rather shocking!

Who Are ResidualQUIK?

As always, my first step is to find out who runs the show; who’s behind “ResidualQUIK“? As it turns out, the people behind the website are quite well known in the industry. Clint Clark and Mark Rosen are 2 guys behind some incredibly successful websites in the same webspace as ResidualQUIK, including RevenueMagic, SuccessQUIK, ListQUIK and WidgetQUIK (among others). These guys know their stuff and have positive feedback out the wazoo regarding their online advertising services.


The site has 2 menu systems. The top menu appears to be for public pages which are primarily for information on the site or for access to join or login to the site. Once logged in, a new menu appears running down the left of the page which looks to be a javascript slide menu. It works well in both Firefox and IE8, so seems pretty compatible with the latest browsers. The menu items are nicely broken down into categories for ease of navigation.

The site design is simple with a basic header and background, which adds to the aesthetic of the overall website.

Residual… how so?

Ok, the next thing i was curious about is this whole “residual” thing the site has going on. I trust these guys can offer great advertising but very few people have managed to nail down a truly successful residual system in the past. Eventually, money coming in and money going out never meet, and cause a dead-end on the residual front.

ResidualQUIK apparently have this feature known as the “Commission Doubler”, which provides members a means to earn a $2 doubler bonus for every new and renewal direct referral. That’s pretty nifty, as it would ensure funds are always being pumped into the doubler matrix, regardless of new members joining. Not bad at all. It turns out this is actually the bonus matrix, as there’s also the regular 3×15 matrix which has a “three and your free” fast start system.

A dual income system that creates a seemingly self-perpetuating-cycle.

The Product, Benefits & Reality

At the end of the day, the most important question is what are you getting for your money, how will you benefit from it and is it REALISTIC. That last part is the most important thing, as a great product that’s not based in reality is useless.

The Advertising system looks to be the same or similar to RevenueMagic, which has an outstanding reputation and from sources i’ve spoken to, a great “return value” – ie. the advertising works.

The advertising itself goes across all the sites in the network, and are apparently seen by over 20,000 unique viewers; impressive numbers by anybodys standards. When selecting how to advertise with your points, you get a selection of options from banners, text ads, solo ads, etc. Definitely a quality product considering who is managing the campaigns.

One thing Clint and Mark have shown over the years is that their advertising is great for all niches, so regardless what you’re marketing, their ad systems should benefit you.

So is it realistic? To be honest, yes. When you weigh up the quality of the advertising and the range of the advertisings “reach”, this is one of the most realistic ad systems in it’s webspace.

Can I trust them with my money?

I don’t know about you, but I always ask myself this question when looking at ANY website that involves a transaction. Can you trust the guys running the show. Do they have a quality payment system, FAQs, Terms and Privacy details? The first thing you’ll notice is they don’t accept Paypal, which i personally highly approve of. Instead they use Alert Pay, which is quickly becoming as good, or better than Paypal in the online marketing niche. Alert Pay authorise all sites they work with, so you can trust that in order for ResidualQUIK to use Alert Pay, they first must be approved, which they are.

Furthermore, the company actually advertises for it’s members, so while you’re paying them and get great advertising in return, not to mention the dual-income system, they’re also marketing for the members on top of all that. Not many companies put their own money back into the members like that; a big kudos i say.


This is interesting… the idea of bonuses or contests is nothing new in this industry, so to stand out and be different the guys at ResidualQUIK have 3 great ways of offering bonuses to all members. The first, company advertising we just talked about. It’s the Cash Contests that are the bigger bonus here.

For every sale at ResidualQUIK, the company puts $1 into a pool. This pool is them split among members, which 50% going to the top referrers and 50% going to 10 random members who have at least 1 direct referral in that month. Best of all, this $1 applies to all sales, including renewals, so the pool grows exponentially each month.


ResidualQUIK is kind of unique in the industry because of all it’s features; all of which are high quality and and beneficial to members. The price is more than reasonable, and on the low-side when compared to some lesser-competitors. If you’re after a great advertising system that has a very high chance of providing a quality residual income, this is most definitely worth a look.

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