Changes At TQA – Are You Paying Attention?

Those who know me are probably aware of the events of the last few weeks.  I’ve been keeping myself busy with my job as a stock taker and have been asked to train as a supervisor, so i’m really keen to get involved with that.  There have been some pretty drastic changes on the home business front also; centering primarily around my stepping down and walking away as a co-owner of the Leveraged List Mailer; TripleQUIKads (TQA).

My reasons for leaving are unimportant to the general readership of this site so I wont bore you with details.  Needless to say, I have had a few tell me that they’re not too keen on heavily promoting it now that I am not involved.  I thank you all for your incredible support and show of faith in my reputation and integrity, it is truly humbling to know that so many of you put their faith in TQA because I was involved.  I can’t tell you to keep promoting TQA anymore than i can tell you to stop.  You must decide that for yourself.  Those really concerned about my departure are more than welcome to contact me.

What now?  Well i’ll still be around as a regular member of the programs.  Between work, my web design business and my MLM work (Quik Family, etc), i’m keeping myself incredibly busy!

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ListQUIK is an online List Mailer/List Builder service. List Mailers are not a new thing to the Internet, and services similar to ListQUIK have been used around the world for a number of years. ListQUIK however stands out from the crowd. Why? Simply put, because it’s one of the best List Mailers the internet has ever seen, if not THE best.

First things first… what is a List Mailer / List Builder?

List Mailers are also referred to as Safelist Services around the Internet. They are programs that allow you to send regular Solo ad emails to their membership in exchange for you receiving emails from other users. Unlike traditional Safelist sites however, List Mailers often have a lot of extra perks and limits on the number of emails you will receive daily.

Why ListQUIK?

I mentioned that ListQUIK is potentially the best List Mailer available, and you’re no doubt wondering why. For a start, ListQUIK members on average receive no more than 4 emails each day, and all of them contain a link that gives you GUARANTEED cash or send credit prizes. Yes, I said that “G” word. Every email you receive will in turn give you either cash or credits. More importantly is that ListQUIK is transparent. The owner, Clint Clark is very open to the public and holds meetings daily with updates and new information. ListQUIK could be seen as the local store of Mailing List sites where the owner goes above and beyond to ensure you are happy with his business. Better still, there is no monthly fee!

One time Fee?

Yes indeed. For those wishing more features, bigger returns and the ability to mail to loads more people there are a range of upgrade options. The best part of ListQUIK though is that all the upgrades are one-time fees. There are no ongoing monthly subscriptions. You get more for a one time fee than other sites give you with a monthly, and those other sites… they charge you MORE per month than ListQUIK charges once. Go figure!

What about Compensation?

Some List Mailers do offer referral and compensation programs, and ListQUIK is no different. Being part of the “QUIK” family of sites and powered by SafeADzone (formerlly Revenue Magic), ListQUIK has a vast experience in the MLM and affiliate marketing space. The affiliate opportunity is designed with this industry in mind.

Free to Join?

Yes. ListQUIK has a 100% free option. In fact you have to join free, as there is no other option. Think of it as a try before you buy system.

Click the banner below to take a look at ListQUIK today.

ListQUIK List Mailer

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