Beginners Guide to building a CSS Website – Videos #6 and #7

After a lengthy hiatus, we are back with 2 new videos in our beginners guide to building your own CSS website. In the latest 2 videos we show you how to use CSS driven image-bullet menus using the UL and LI functions, and also show you how to pull your template apart and re-build it using individual PHP files and the very handy PHP Require statement.

The videos:

CSS Tutorial to build your own CSS website – Part 6

CSS Tutorial to build your own CSS website – Part 7

You can also find our videos on YouTube at:

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CSS Website Tutorial – # 5 Uploaded.

Today I uploaded part 5 of the video series teaching how to build a CSS website using nothing more than Notepad. In today’s video I gave an introduction to Styles and Formatting, and how they apply to CSS websites. Primarily todays video focusses on heading tags and setting styles withing the CSS stylesheet. In the next few videos we will be greatly enhancing the styles and bringing in more CSS styling options.

To view todays video, click the thumbnail in the right menu, or click here. You can also view the videos on youtube (if you have issues viewing them on here) by going to my Youtube page.

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