Seasonal Energy Loss: Subbing Players In PPM Soccer

ppmsoccerAn interesting discussion has taken place on the PPM Soccer forums tonight resulting in an interesting piece of information. Did you know, that substitute players will lose the same seasonal energy as those who start the game?

Think about this for a minute, if you sub a player at the 80th minute point in the game, that player is going to play just 10 minutes but will have the same seasonal energy loss as a player who plays the full 90 minutes. So while you may gain fresh legs for the final 10 minutes, you are actually disadvantaged over the course of the season.

The impression that was given by one of the PPM staff is that this will most probably not change in the near future.

It makes me wonder though, when they bring in weighted lines in hockey, will the same (seriously bad) issue happen there as well? Something to think about, i’m sure.

Of course, if you’re not happy about this, you can as always get on the forums and tell PPM how you feel. The more people who raise the issue, the more chance PPM will get a programmer to look into making the game better.

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