The Google+ Song: A lighthearted Look At Google’s Social Network

When Google first hit the Social Network market with their Google+ system, people collectively asked "what is it?". Weeks later, after seeing the system in action, people still asked the same question.

Now that it’s established itself, we all know what it is, right?

Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Google+ is still relatively unknown or a cause of confusion.

So if you’re like many others are are still wondering just what the heck Google+ is, here is a very entertaining video that will give you a little more insight.

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Just What IS Google+? Social Media? The New Facebook?

Googgle+If you’ve not yet heard of Google+ you must be living underneath a rock. It’s been touted as the new Facebook, the latest trend in Social Media and the best thing since sliced

But, as many are still asking, what exactly IS Google+?

Google+ is sheer brilliance. Google are not competing with Facebook, and they’re not going up against Twitter. In fact they’re not even going to try and grab a marketshare of that side of Social Media. What Google have done is found unmarked territory in the Social scene and filled it with the truly first all-in-one cloud system.

As you can see, it’s far more than just a button Google+ Button

Impressed? You should be, because Google+ is, as i have already said, sheer brilliance!

Click the image below to load a presentation that explains Google+ in detail.

What Is Google+?

If you have not yet been joined Google+ or need an invite, please send me a message using the Contact page and I will forward you an invite. Please note, you MUST tell me your Gmail email address to get an invite.

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