The Rise Of Social Media – Facebook vs Google vs Myspace

Let’s go back a few years, to the period around April of 2007. At that time, the internet was dominated by the then media giant, Myspace. Google was a popular search engine with a growing range of apps and Facebook, well that was still a teenager in the realm of Myspace and Googles adult domination.

In human terms, the 2 years and 10 months that have passed since then seem tiny. On the Internet however, countless generations of change have happened since then, and none of them seem to be quite as impressive as the evolution of Facebook.

According to Facebook there are over 500 Million ACTIVE users on their service, 50% of which log into the Social Media service every single day. The average person on Facebook has at least 130 friends and over 700 Billion minutes are clocked up by users across the service each and every month. That’s an average of just over 23 hours per user, per month.

To give an appreciation of the size of this usage data, take a look at this comparison between Facebook, Google and Facebook.

The Rise Of Facebook vs Google and Myspace

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There have been rumours of late about the demise of Myspace, including everything from talks of sales to massive drops in revenue. There has also been a large reduction of commercial users such as musicians who have left Myspace and started to use Facebook to reach their fans.

Google remains as strong as ever, and continues to rise, albeit slower than the dramatic rise of Facebook over the last 2 years.

Where do the stats go from here? Facebook will no doubt continue to rise, especially with the introduction of Facebook Places, and Google will continue to do well considering it is still the worlds #1 search engine service.

For Myspace, well, that future is up in the air.

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Google Places Takes Search To Next Level

Reading through this months issue of NETT Magazine (February 2011) I came across a really great article on the most recent changes to Google’s search engine system.

Local SearchIf you have done a search recently you have probably noticed the “instant” feature that Google has implemented. Instead of typing in a full phrase and hitting enter, the engine will now search on the fly at each word you type in. At first, this appeared to be rather annoying however upon further review and testing it would appear that Google once again are a step ahead of the rest of us.

What Google have done by creating this instant search feature has made long-tail key queries much more relevant. For websites targeted to certain words or phrases, this means a much more targeted audience seeing your keywords. Of course, it also means there is more onus on the website owners to do much higher quality SEO on their websites also.

More importantly though is how this change affects the everyday user who uses Google to find information and businesses. Google, as you may have experienced will always provide relevant information based upon your location. This has always provided localised content. Now, with Google Places, they ahve gone a step further. If the engine thinks you are looking for a particular business, the instant search will automatically display a Google Maps result showing the closest business to your (IP based) location. No problems if you have a proxy either, as on the left-pane you can select your location to bypass the IP search.

This incredible feature takes Google to the next level and makes Google quite possibly the #1 location to find local businesses or information.

If you have not yet tested the localised instant search, head over to Google now and give it a try.

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