DDP YOGA – It Aint Your Mamas Yoga

Once in a while you happen across a situation or person that inspires you so much that you just KNOW that from that point forward, your life direction has changed; DDP YOGA is that for us.

Last weekend Wendy and I attended Supanova Pop Culture Convention on the Gold Coast here in Australia. While we were going to catch up with friends and meet / greet a few stars one in particular was a bonus for us; Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) of WCW / WWF / WWE Wresting fame.  As a fan of wrestling growing up being able to meet DDP was like seeing an idol of your childhood.  Little did we know that we’d find ourselves talking less about wrestling and more about Yoga.

“What’s it called?” as DDP would ask?


Most of us have seen the video of the Gulf War veteran who was told he’d never walk again, and he went on to not just walk, but also run!  He did that using DDP YOGA.  Not seen it?  Video is below.

DDP is inspirational.  His story goes far beyond bouncing off the ropes and dropping the Diamond Cutter on an opponent.  His revolutionary thinking helped change the wrestling industry and more importantly, has helped changed the lives and careers of many actors, athletes, wrestlers and everyday people.

DDP YOGA - It Aint Your Mamas Yoga

DDP YOGA – It Aint Your Mamas Yoga

I know what you’re thinking… YOGA? Really?  Well, NO.  DDP YOGA… and never get the 2 confused.  DDP YOGA is far beyond anything you can imagine.  As the catchphrase states, “It aint your mamas yoga”.  Using dynamic resistance, this is a fitness, balance, motivation and muscle building machine and it doesn’t feel like Yoga… at any point in time.

So as you can tell, we’re hooked.  Check it out at http://www.ddpyoga.com or take a peek at the mobile app “DDP Yoga Now” available across all devices.

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