Jamie Benn Art Ross Repeat 2015/2016 NHL Season

Jamie BennLast season Jamie Benn (#14) of the Dallas Stars won the Art Ross Trophy for being the leagues leader points scorer in the regular season with 87 points.  This season Benn appears keen to continue where he left off.

While we’re just 9 games into the 2015/2016 82 game season, Jamie Benn leads the league in goals (8) and Points (15).  A lot of Benn’s success can be attributed to his linemate, Tyler Seguin, who sits at #3 on the points list with 13 points in 9 games.

Will we see a Jamie Benn Art Ross repeat this season?

While there is a long way to go in the scoring race, one things for certain, Jamie Benn and the Dallas Stars are making the 2015 / 2016 NHL Season very exciting to watch!

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Jere Lehtinen: Thank You To A Defining Star

lehtinen_big_063009I can’t create a mega graphic, and i don’t know how to do fancy video montages. I don’t have a single defining moment to highlight yet i find 15 seasons of memories.

I do have this though…

Jere Lehtinen, thank you for the joy it has been watching you play hockey. Thank you for the quality professionalism you bought the sport. Thank you for the time you gave us when we traveled to the U.S. in 2006 to meet you. Thank you for again, being so kind to us last year when we went back once again to see you. Thank you for the memories; the joy, the tears, the heartache and the overwhelming sense of pride I have in looking back over your career. You are, and will always be a defining Star.

Thank You.

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