Using Testimonials To Increase Sales

testimonialsDo you know what people who have bought your product actually think about it?

TV infomercials, magazine ads and even TV commercials use testimonials to sell their products. There’s a reason for this…

The fact is, testimonials sell.

Connie Ragen Green, of Site Pro News posted an article recently in which she stated, “Testimonials are very powerful. They allow you to share what is working in your business without having to brag about yourself.”

Your potential clients can read the best sales pitch in the world and not buy your product, but just a single good testimonial can nail down that elusive sale. Customers love reading what other customers think of your product or service.

Ali, on iBlogPlanet posted in August 2009, “I have run a number of niche sites, used to sell products from affiliate programs like Neverblue. What I noticed is that the sales that I have made came from sites with testimonials.”

Sure, nothing is guaranteed, but testimonials do increase your chance of sales.

Get Testimonials

If you don’t yet have testimonials on your website you need to get them. If you’re a smart marketer you will have the details of the people who bought from you, so simply drop them an email. Explain who you are, thank them for purchasing and ask if they would be willing to give a testimonial.

You can also add a form on your website where buyers can add a testimonial on your website at their own discretion.


Now you have the, where do you put them? There is no hard and fast answer. If you have a sidebar, add one or two in the sidebar clearly defined so people can see they are testimonials. You can also add them in your main content, wrapping them in styled boxes. Lastly, if you have a good number of them add a whole separate testimonials page where people can review all them in a single hit.

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