Klok: Personal Time Tracker Review

Klok is a great small application that allows you to better manage your time by providing a quick and easy method of personal time tracking. The software works via the Adobe Air programming language.

Key Features

Klok contains a wide range of fantastic features which are all important to the overall package that the software provides. There are a few key features however that stand out of the crowd.

  • Unlimited Project / Tasks allows you to add as many projects and/or tasks as are needed, each one with full individual reporting, tracking and accountability systems in place. Each project can also include sub-projects for ease of navigation and control over your work.
  • Project Value / Cost feature gives you the ability to add a financial cost per hour to your tasks, meaning you get a full cost analysis of each task including estimated Vs Actual hours worked.
  • Start/Stop & Manual Time Entries makes it possible for you to 100% cover your hours worked. Click “start” to start working and “stop” to stop working and let the software update your time entries automatically for you. Miss an entry, you can manually add it yourself at a later time.
  • Graphical Reporting gives you a full view of your work hours in an easy to use graphical interface. Compare tasks and projects and see which work has been more efficient than others.

Other Features

Along with the key features above, Klok is bundled with more tools and features.

  • Fully customizable via preferences
  • Weekly and/or Monthly views
  • Weekly, Monthly or Summary Reporting
  • Project manager information including name and contact information
  • Export to spreadsheet
  • Automatic Updates
  • Minimize to the top of your window

Screen Shots

Klok Klok Klok


Klok is standout software for a number of reasons. First of all, the price… it’s 100% free. The free pricetag should not put you off, as this software is truly worthy of an actual price, that’s how good it is. It runs on Adobe Air, the latest technology for creating great applications. Air gives Klok a fluid look and feel without a heavy resource use that traditional programming languages can give. It has a great minimise feature making it virtually hidden while you use it.


Price: Free
Required Software: Adobe Air
Home Page: http://klok.mcgraphix.com/klok/

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