The WWE Teaching A Dangerous Lesson – Cheating Wins!

WWE Teaching that Cheating Wins.Have you ever watched World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and felt yourself being a little angry or upset? Having been a fan of the Wrestling since the 80’s, i’ve been well aware that it’s pretty much a soap opera for adults.  As each year goes by the wrestlers change, and favorites come and go, but one thing always seems to remain, and that one thing has really been bugging the hell out of me lately. what is it, you ask? Simply put, cheating wins, and good guys lose.

Charlotte shows that cheating wins

Charlotte shows that cheating wins

In the WWE it seems year in year out, Cheating wins. If you back-stab your friends, you win.  If you are willing to do ANYTHING but be a good rolemodel, you win.  Heels (WWE phrase for bad guys) always seems to win.  Charlotte held the WWE Diva (then womens) title for too long because she cheated almost every single match. The New Day have won many matches because they play dirty.  The Miz stands behind his wife like the whimp he is, and wins. Triple H WON, then held the title for too long last year, because he cheated. These are but a few recent examples.

The WWE claims it’s family friendly, yet week in week out it basically tells it’s viewers that if you cheat, you will win.

AJ Styles A Heel whos shows that cheating wins

AJ Styles A Heel whos shows that cheating wins

Good guys occasionally win, but they NEVER hold the title long. Sasha Banks FINALLY beat Charlotte to take the title. The world erupted in joy, and then weeks later when Banks was injured and the title need to change hands again, the WWE gave it back to Charlotte.  WTF! There were MANY other women who could have taken the title, but they gave it back to the person we were sick and tired of seeing!

Is the lesson the WWE sends that you win if you cheat?

I for one am thoroughly disappointed in this trend that seems to continue year in, year out.   Heels may make money, but somtimes there is more to life than the almightly dollar!

And yes, though the Faces (good guys) do win from time to time, they never seem to retain the titles for long – often giving it up to a Heel (who no doubt will cheat to win…)

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Review of Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar (History Ch.)

Those who know me are aware that i’m a sucker for a good historical documentary.  Nothing is more exciting than a show based on fact that involves a solid mystery.  So naturally, when i stumbled across the Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar (History Channel), I was more than a little keen to watch.

Pirate Treasure of the Knights TemplarThe series follows underwater explorer / archaeologist, Barry Clifford as he attempts to locate long missing pirate treasure linked to the famed Knights Templar.

The Templars, a secretive order formed during the Crusades are thought to have been killed off, but evidence exists that suggest the Templars changed their name and relocated (in part) to Portugal, where they became “The Order of Christ”.

Fast forward to the Age of Discovery of the 1500’s and 1600’s and the heart of piracy where names like Captain Kidd & William Condon are feared and famous ships like the Fiery Dragon and Adventure Galley are whispered in awe.  Was Kidd, a privateer turned pirate actually part of the Templars?  Did he hold or hide ancient Templar treasure?

Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar

From Lisbon, Portugal to Île Sainte-Marie (now known as Nosy Boraha), Madagascar & Goa, India to Boston, USA the Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar is as much journey as it is adventure.  Barry Clifford and his team visit locations of famous shipwrecks, dive among 300 year old treasures and travel the world to discover the truth.

The culmination; the discovery of many missing treasures, possibly including the biggest one of all.

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