Elder Scrolls Online Initial First Play Thoughts

The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel UnlimitedThe Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) has been online for 18 months and has developed quite a solid following.  As a major player of all the earlier Elder Scrolls games (Skyrim is by far my favorite) I was a little wary about the online version of the game and due to both financial and work commitments, simply did not partake.  Of course, there was also the fact that i’m a World of Warcrafter, so playing 2 online games would have been simply too much. That was until recently when I finally caved in and picked up the game.

So, as someone who’s only been playing the game for a week and is only a teeny tiny Level 14 Templar, i want to share my initial thoughts of the game.

  1. It’s Just Like World of Warcraft
    I’d heard this said by others online.  I’d been told this by friends.  I’d been expecting it to a certain extent.  You create your own character like WOW – check.  It’s quest based – check. You level up – check.  That first 2 minutes of game play was actually a little disheartening.  But i stuck with it, afterall, The Elder Scrolls had never let me down before.
  2. It’s NOT Like WOW At All
    Ok so the initial few minutes were rough, but then the clouds broke and I found myself becoming drawn into the gameplay unlike I have with WOW for quite some time.  Sure, there are similarities between WOW and TESO – afterall they’re both MMORPG so of course there are going to be similarities.    But TESO seems to have a much more grounded storyline, at least that’s the best I can explain it.
  3. The Graphics
    The Elder Scrolls games have always an incredible worldly feel to them.  I remember the first time I played Oblivion climbing high in the mountains in the north and looking out over Tamriel with the graphics set to ultra high.  The quality of the image blew me away.  Skyrim was even better.  All the Elder Scrolls games (to me) have taken me into their world with the help of incredible graphics.  TESO lets me down a little in that way, but I did expect that to a certain extent.  No streaming type game is going to be able to provide super incredible graphics.  That said, the imagery in TESO is in my opinion twice as good as you would see in WOW.
  4. Crafting
    Let’s be honest crafting is fun!  I mean you can get the ore, turn that into ingots, turn them into armour and then turn that into cash.  Unlike WOW we’re your character is locked to a single profession at a time in TESO you can train in multiple professions and crafts.  You can learn how to become a blacksmith AND a potion master if you choose.  This opens up the game to much more flexibility and gameplay as you have so many more quests you can do.
  5. Guilds
    TESO Tamriel UnlimitedFighters guild? Mages guild?  why not both?  I was so happy when I found that they didn’t remove this great part of previous TES games.  You can be a member of many guilds at the same time giving more quests, more gameplay and in many ways, much more fun as you don’t feel like you’re missing out on a large part of the game.
  6. The Map – It’s BIG!
    Do you remember playing Morrowind and thinking the map was HUGE!  Then came Oblivion and it seemed like you had to walk for hours to get anywhere.  Skyrim upped the game again and while it’s actually a “smaller” area than that of Oblivion, the map was even bigger! TESO Tamriel Unlimited is just that – Tamriel!  All of the previous maps make up probably half of the entire TESO map.
  7. Addons – Gotta love ’em!
    One of my friends once said he would never play TESO because without the use of addons the game would suck. Errrr ok.  But seriously, yes, TESO Does have addons much like WOW.  In fact, most of the big addons that you use in WOW you can also get for TESO. They work the same way, and yeah, they do help your gameplay quite a lot!
  8. It’s FREE To Play – No Subscription Needed
    TESO has a ton of things that make it better than or equal to WOW, but the pinnacle really is that it’s 100% free to play without any monthly subscription.  Yes, you must purchase the game outright first but that’s it.  Well done TESO, well done indeed.

I’m impressed.  In fact, i’m impressed enough that i’m tempted to cancel my WOW subscription and play only TESO from now on.

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Ticket To Ride Finally Goes Android

tickettorideIt’s been a long time coming, but Days Of Wonder have finally released the award winning game “Ticket To Ride” for Android enabled devices!

Fans of the board game (and iOS games) have been asking DOW to release an Android version of the game for a long time, so this latest release is a major win for all gamers out there who use Android Tablets and devices.

The Android game contains the classic USA version of the game, and includes:

  • SOLO and online game play.
  • Ability to purchase additional maps in-game (Asia, Europe, etc)
  • Play against 4 AI personalities
  • Challenge Rail Barons playing on other platforms, incl. Steam, Mac, iPad and the DOW Online system.
  • In-game conductor to help you become a rail baron and master the game

If you’ve ever played the game you’ll understand just how addictive and compelling “Ticket To Ride” can be.  Get on board and pick up the game from Google Play today!

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Exciting Changes At Powerplay Manager

PowerPlay Manager

Over the last few weeks there have been in incredibly exciting improvements to the Powerplay Manager online game.

October 2, 2009: The improvements began with the introduction of trophies for all tournament, league and competition winners, so you can now not only brag about your win, but show it off with a shiney new trophy! Also implemented during this update was the “online users” page, which is a great way to track down who’s online, see who has pro-pack and much more. The PPM team also introduced the PPM Facebook Page and Group.


October 12, 2009: Press Releases have been incredibly popular features of other manager games, and PPM has now implemented their own. You can now post press releases about your team, players, etc to share with the wider community. These are a spectacular way to help spread the word, brag about wins, inform about changes or simply act like a real hockey team and post regular updates. This update also introduced the PPM Twitter page. If you are a twitter user, be sure to follow PPM!


October 15, 2009: This was a major update for fans of the propogation of the game, as PPM how reward those who help spread the word with a fantastic credit referral system. This is also a fantastic way for Support Team Captains to measure their marketing efforts and track new members.

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Powerplay Manager Video Guides

I’ve been saying I would get a few video guides for Powerplay Manager up for a while now, and i’ve finally got to it. 2 new videos have been uploaded covering the following topics:

  1. Upgrading: Arena Vs Facilities
  2. Player attribute balance & the marketplace

You can find the videos here:

Powerplay Manager – Arena Strategies

Powerplay Manager – Marketplace & Player Strategies

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Game Box TitleHarry Potter fans around the world are anxiously awaiting the July 15 release of the 6th movie in the series, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. To help pass their time, EA released the game by the same name 2 weeks prior to the movie.

Game Play:

You play Harry Potter as he helps Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbledore discover more about the history of the young Tom Riddle, aka. Lord Voldermort.

Along the way you will solve puzzles, fulfil tasks, learn new potions and spells and duel other students in duelling clubs. If that sounds too easy, don’t worry, you will put all your skills to work as you battle Death Eaters.

Fans of the earlier games in the series will be pleased to know that Quidditch is back in the game. Practice your skills and put them to the test in matches against the other 3 Hogwarts Houses.

Fans of the previous game in this incredibly popular series will thoroughly enjoy the gameplay EA bring in the Half-Blood Prince. Roaming Hogwarts has never been more fun, or more exciting. EA have developed the game perfectly, so the storyline unfolds as you naturally enjoy and explore the world of Harry Potter and his friends.

Continue reading

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Hockey Arena Video Tutorial Series

Introducing the Hockey Arena Tutorial series of videos. Since creating my first review of the Hockey Arena site I have had a number of people ask if i could cover the finer points of the game. Hence the idea of a video series was born. I apologize in advance for the quality of the videos. I am still learning the ins and outs of Camtasia and trying to find the best setting to use.

The series comprises of 8 videos and covers the following topics:

  1. Your Players
  2. Setting Your Lines
  3. Training your players
  4. The Marketplace (buying and selling)
  5. Your Stadium
  6. Your League
  7. Game Tactics
  8. HA Tools (Firefox add on)

HA-Tools Firefox Extension Download: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5883

The videos

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