Major SafeAdZone Update Incl. Audio Recording

If you are/were involved with any of the SafeAdZone / QUIK Family programs or TripleQUIKads, you MUST hear the latest update from Clint.  In fact, even if you are not in those programs but are involved in the Affiliate Marketing / MLM industry you should also catch up on this very important update.

The SafeAdZone blog update can be found here:


The blog update also contains an audio recording from this weeks presentation.

Summary of points from the presentation:

  • Server Crash on May 24th – No Offsite Backup was done by the server admin / programmer, contrary to representations indicating sufficient backups were in place.
  • Server admin has since renounced responsibility and is deemed unreliable.
  • Data loss due to no sufficient backup wiped out the total business and full-time income.
  • Clint is committed to rebuilding and providing members what they’re owed.
  • Will look for a new programmer with MLM experience and also develop strategic alliances.
  • Working with others in the industry including Brian Rooney and Penny Prechtl.
  • Clint / SAZ is not going anywhere and WILL relaunch!

You can listen to the presentation directly here:

Note: If you are a member of TripleQUIKads / TQA and wish to contact Allan regarding TQA’s relaunch chances or the server crash situation, you can submit a support ticket at his site.  I notice TripleQUIKads is not a listed department, so choose Followmydownline as the best option.

A number of people have asked me if my leaving TQA had anything to do with the current situation / hdd failure.  I want to clear that up right now and state that no, my departing happened long before the server issues and is 100% unrelated.  I left because I did not agree with an ill-advised and uncalculated business risk (financial) that my business partner at the time (Allan) was willing to make.  That is all I will speak on this matter on a public forum such as this.

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Update On P2E (Review)

Now that a week has past since the launch of p2eMarketing, I thought it would be a good time to give a quick review of the website.

What Is P2E?

p2eMarketing (henceforth referred to as P2E) is a List Builder service with built in affiliate / matrix opportunity. Unlike many other similar opportunities, P2E offers a quick growing 2x overall forced matrix, maximising on spillover from above to help you and your downline earn a good income. The matrix is secondary however, so will get to that a little later.

List Building?

P2E offers a service which allows you to do 2 things; help you build a mailing list and gives you a way to mail to them in a responsive and efficient manner. I know, responsive and efficient aren’t words that are used lightly in this industry, however from experience i’ve found their system both efficient and their ads thus far, quite responsive.

P2E works like this… you join for a small monthly fee and are able to mail to a randomly selected portion of the membership at set times. As the members don’t get swamped with mails, the response rate is higher than other lists.

Downline Builder?

P2E has a HUGE feature that separates it from others… the downline builder is chosen by YOU. There are no company programs in there, only the ones that you add. In fact, if you don’t add any, your downline wont see any downline builder links to join. This ensures that YOU build your list NOT the admins. You are in control of not just your list, but also your own memberships in other websites you partake in.

Pretty good huh?

Website Design and Usage?

Those familiar with other sites such as ResidualQUIK will be familiar with the script used for P2E. The layout is easy to follow, and the navigation is fairly straight forward. I have created programs in my downline builder and also sent mails out to the membership, and both are incredibly easy to do in a very short amount of time.


This is where many seem to get turned off… please don’t. While the cost of P2E is just over the $20 a month mark, the cost is incredibly worth it, especially as the 2x forced matrix system helps build your downline for you, therefore taking care of your monthly fees. I’m not saying they will fill your downline, only that being a 2x forced, there is higher chance of spillover from above.

The Matrix?

For those money people out there, this is the bread and butter you’ll want to hear. The full 2×10 forced matrix takes 1024 people to fill and pays out over $4,000 per month. Let’s be honest here though… very few people are ever going to get 1000 people in their downline, so lets be more realistic. The Matrix is there as a bonus, and a bonus only, however, with just a handful of people your monthly costs are covered and you get a little extra in your pocket. Work at it, use the advertising and i guarantee you’ll be keen to tell more people about it, so the benefits of a 2x forced are HUGE.

More Bang For Your Buck

We’re not talking about shotguns here… but for your monthly cost you get a product valued at more than 10x your monthly cost. Check this out:

  • 2 Banners per month with unlimited impressions. Banners will be shown on over 500 plus websites throughout several networks.
  • 2 Text Ads per month with unlimited impressions.
  • Down line builder
  • 1 Solo Ads per month (every 30 days to over 190,000 contact addresses).
  • Pro Membership to P2EGroup Mailer…
  • 2 Mail boxes 1-contact and 1-safelist from …
  • 5 to 7 top safelist and text ad exchanges.
  • 50 of PlanetX safelist
  • 60 P2E Network platinum safelist memberships
  • Free Classified Ads
  • Mail your directs with your programs once per week

Other websites out there charge $100+ a month for this type of service, and they don’t even throw in a great forced matrix system to help you out.

Take a look at p2eMarketing for your self today, you wont be disappoineted.

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Community Marketing Explained By Dave

Community Marketing as explained by Dave the Cartoon Man

Continue reading

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Cagora Community Blue Print

Today we take a brief look at the Cagora Community Blueprint, and what it means for the everyday person on the Internet.

The Community Landrush… it’s already begun!

Learn more by visiting

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Community Partnership Invite

I have been invited in early on a project that recently went into prelaunch. I have become one of the ‘Community Partners’ as I think it is one of the most interesting Community Networks I’ve seen online.

It takes social networking to the next level by creating win-win outcomes for Entrepreneurs, People, Small Business and Non Profits.

I can extend invitations to people like you to join as a Joint Venture Affiliate (you needn’t ever spend a cent) and be eligible for bonus commissions.

All you’d need to do is register and you’ll then find more information as to how your contacts can also benefit as Affiliates and Community Partners.

You can earn commissions on sales of these Community Partnerships as well as Joint Venture Bonuses as Small Businesses in Communities around the world purchase Cagora’s Local Search Dominator package for $247 that gives them a fully hosted multimedia website and front page Google ranking before they spend a cent.

Find out more here as to how you can benefit by telling your contacts about the launch

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