Ticket Scalpers Beware: Australia To Indroduce Tough Laws

We’ve all seen them.  Tickets to “sold out” shows and events popping up online at inflated prices, sometimes two, three or four times their original value. 

Ticket Scalpers have been onto a good thing the world over. There are those who will buy up tickets early specifically to “re-sell” them later on for a profit.  In Australia, the NSW government is putting their foot down, and is close to introducing aggressive new laws to limit scalpers and attempt to put a stop to this unfair and unethical practice.  The change comes at a good time, right as Swiss-based ticket re-seller, viagogo is getting ready to sell scalpers tickets downunder.

The proposed laws will allegedly allow sports organisations and promotors to set their own conditions on ticket sales.  In recent days the NRL cancelled up to 100 grand final tickets that appeared on the Internet Auction giant, eBay.  In that case the buyer was looking to make a quick $9500 profit from selling tickets for $260 each (regular price: $165).  And that’s just one example.  Tickets to Pinks Australian tour were selling for almost double their retail price and if you wanted to see Barclays Premier League champions, Manchester United play the A-League All-Stars would would have had to pay more than FOUR times the regular price at a whopping $420 per ticket!

 ticket-scalpersImage: news.com.au

“We want to give fans a fair go at buying tickets, while also protecting fans from rip-offs and fraud”, said Fair Trading Minister, Anthony Roberts.   Those fraudsters were bluntly described by Sports Minister, Graham Annesley as “unscrupulous profiteers motivated only by greed”.

The NSW probably wont be ablw to stop viagogo, who have already proven to be elusive in other parts of the world.  But a law change that limits scalpers from over-inflating tickets can only be a good thing for Australian events.

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