Cheat Sheet: 10 Ways To Optimize Your Use Of Twitter

SiteProNews posted a great feature on SiteProNews today called “10 Ways to Optimize Your Use of Twitter”, a Twitter Cheat Sheet for Authors.

Is Your Twitter Optimized?We’ve all heard of Twitter, and it’s a safe bet to say most people reading this will have at least 1 Twitter account that the regularly post from or manage.  But are you using Twitter effectively, or is Twitter using you?

Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott, the author of the article shows that the most simplest of things are the ones we most often overlook, and that by doing so you can greatly reduce the effectiveness that Twitter can have for you.

She also explains that 2-way communication is a big part of the WOW Factor when it comes to Twitter.

“Twitter is all about communication. If people talk to you or RT your message, then talk back and/or thank them. (SECRET: People like to feel involved and acknowledged. I like it, you like it, everybody likes it.)”, says Parrott.

You can read the full article on SiteProNews by clicking here.

Here is a brief look at Suzanne’s 10 Ways To Optimize Twitter:

  1. Use your name – be YOU
  2. Use a profile picture
  3. Link your website
  4. Update your Bio
  5. Tweeting Often
  6. The relevance of your Tweets
  7. Don’t overdo Linking
  8. Be yourself and show your personality
  9. Always Follow Useful Tweeters
  10. Communicate Often – RT, DM, etc.

Head over to SiteProNews to read the full article today.

A little about Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott
Suzanne is the founder of, a resource for self-published authors. She also operates OneWay Advertising and Design and has been active in the book and ebook market since 1988.

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