Facebook Timeline: Want It Or not, Here It Comes


Some have been awaiting this news, others have been dreading it.

Earlier today, Facebook annnounced via their blog that Timeline is being rolled out to all Facebook users, whether they want it or not.  Once you get it you’ll have just 7 days to edit your Timeline content before it will be available to all to see.

“Last year we introduced timeline, a new kind of profile that lets you highlight the photos, posts and life events that help you tell your story. Over the next few weeks, everyone will get timeline. When you get timeline, you’ll have 7 days to preview what’s there now. This gives you a chance to add or hide whatever you want before anyone else sees it. 

You can learn more about these new features by taking the quick tour available at the top of your timeline. If you want to get timeline now, go to the Introducing Timeline page and click “Get Timeline.” Or you can wait until you see an announcement at the top of your home page.”

Facebook had stated in an earlier blog that Timeline would eventually be mandatory for all users, so this news was semi-expected.  Still, Facebook users who don’t like the Timeline interface could have a hard time getting used to the new look Facebook.

My thoughts

I have been using Timeline for the last few months to test it out, and for the most part, actually like the interface.  While it makes certain aspects of Facebook much harder (Facebook gamers will hate it), it does give a structured display of your life online, or at least, the life that you want others to see.  You control all the information on your Timeline, so don’t panic about your most intimate details being blasted to the interwebs. 

I haven’t had any major issues with Timeline as yet, and would rate my experience at about 8/10.

Potential Issues

As expected with any new feature, there is always at least some form of controversy.  Internet News service, WebProNews posted an interesting article about Timeline today that has a section regarding privacy groups claiming Timeline is a breach of users privacy.  Have a read of the WebProNews article here.

What are your thoughts on Timeline?  Are you a Timeline user already?  Please post your thoughts in the comments below.

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