Google+ Hits 50 Million Users And Growing 4% Per Day

Google Plus YouIt’s quite remarkable how competitive the Social Media industry is, with all the major players trying to out-do each other.  If you’ve been watching the news lately you would have heard all about the major upgrade coming to Facebook soon called “Timeline”.  Twitter is as strong as ever and Social Sharing apps such as Foursquare and Getglue just keep getting stronger.

But all of this, with maybe the exception of the Facebook news pales in comparison to the latest figures coming out of Google+.  According to self-confessed Google Stats guru, Paul Allen, Google+ recently hit 50 Million users… in just over 80 days!  To put this in perspective, Facebook took more than 1000 days to reach that same milestone.

In his recent blog post, Paul Allen suggest that Google+ could be gaining as many as 2 million users per day! 

Josh Wolford mentioned Mr Allen’s methodology in a recent article where he explains it as:

“Allen’s methodology involves using U.S. census data to track certain rare surnames across Google+. He uses that data and extrapolates it across the world to produce an estimation on total user population. Previously, Allen said when Google+ would be hitting the 10 million and 20 million marks, and was pretty much correct.” (source)

The 2 points that Paul Allen highlights are that Google+ has picked up 50 Million Users while still flying relatively under the radar, and more importantly, that it could be gaining at a rate of approximately 4% (2 million new users) per day!

As he also points out in his article, it’s nearly impossible to imagine Google+ not hitting the Billion user mark before too long simply because of the reach they have.

“By integrating +1 and Circles (targeted sharing) and other Google+ functionality into its Chrome browser, Android phones (and tablets), Gmail, Google Reader, Blogger, Google Photos, and other properties, Google+ will give its more than one billion users repeated chances to sign up for and use the functionality of Google+. Like the Chrome commercials say, “the web is what you make of it.” And with Google+, you can make so much more of it that ever before.” (source)

Between Facebook’s new Timeline and the explosion of Google+, are we seeing the emergence of true Social Media / Social Networking super-powers?

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Top 5 Signs You’re Addicted To Twitter

TwitterAddictI found an amusing article today on Site Trail that offers a lighthearted view at Twitter users.  Aptly named “Top 5 Signs You’re Addicted To Twitter”, author Tony Smith offers up 5 very funny, yet incredibly accurate signs that you may have gone around the point of no return with our favorite 140 character micro-blog site.

Ever found yourself constantly distracted with thoughts of your Twitter feed or broken out in a cold sweat when the Twitter API refuses to respond?  You could be addicted to Twitter! 

Don’t laugh, well, DO laugh actually, because lets be honest, the very thought of being a Twitter Addict brings a smile to the face.

Here’s an exerpt from the site:

“As funny as it sounds, Twitter addiction actually is a real problem for some people. Twitter is fun, but overindulging in anything can lead to problems. If you are reading this, then you might suspect you are a Twitterholic or you just think the concept of Twitter addiction is funny. Either way, if you think you might be addicted to Twitter, here are five ways to know for sure.”

So what are the 5 signs?

  • Constant Distraction
  • Inappropriate Tweets
  • Over Capacity Anxiety
  • Twitter Relationships Rule
  • Twitter Judging

to read the full article on Site Trail.

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Play To Your Team Strengths… But Don’t Forget Defense

How is season 5 looking for your PPM soccer teams?  If you’re like so many other managers, during the short off-season you probably made a few tweaks to your team to help make them better going into this season.  When preparing for this season, did you have a particular strategy in mind (other that winning, of course)?

Wayne Rooney of Manchester United; a team that wins games by prolific offense

Like most team sports, the key to a successful football campaign at PPM is to make sure you play to your team strengths.  Naturally strong teams down the front are going to want to put emphasis on their strikers and focus on winning games by out-scoring them.  It’s worked well for Manchester United in the opening games of this seasons Premier League, has it not?  Teams who are weak up front but have much stronger midfield and/or defense are going to want to play a style that allows for their strongest players to dominate the game.

Playing to your teams strengths brings 2 related topics to relevance.  The first is that of formations, and which ones are best to use for your team.  A highly offensive squad may opt to play 2 or even 3 guys up front and leave the back-end a little open. This will offer a risk of being scored on, but if you have good strikers you will be out-scoring your opponent anyway so it’s not a “huge” issue.  Strong defensive squads may opt to role as much as 5 defenders with 3 down the middle.  This will often work great with 4 midfielders and just 1 forward, but naturally your ability to score goals could be heavily reduced.  Then again, this type of formation is great against those 3 forward type offensive squads.  The important thing to remember when selecting your formation is to use one that plays to your teams strength first, and then to what your opponent is doing.

The other topic that comes up is the topic of defense.  One of the “tweaks” PPM did to the soccer game engine was to have more influence in the attacking zone.  To you this means 2 things; your forwards need to be better than your opponents defense and more importantly your defense needs to be as strong as possible to shut down your opponents forwards.  It is better to draw games than to outright lose them.  

Just something to keep in mind when planning your next match.

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Major Site Migration

Over the course of the last week I have made some major changes to the website and have migrated from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.7.  The update has involved the total rebuild of the site, and as part of the build I have made some changes to the content.

The biggest changes to the site are the removal of both the video system and the photo galleries.  In place of the old HWDVideoShare system I have installed a Youtube video module, which allows for much easier video integration.  The photo galleries were not used, so the removal of those should not make much change to the site.

Additions include a new blog menu item which will contain 2 new categories; site updates and sports.  These are a for casual updates rather than the more lengthy articles which are in the other menu items.

For the next few weeks I will be in testing mode, so you may experience issues.  If you do, please let me know.

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Are you looking for my old Video categories?

As part of my upgrade to the latest version of Joomla, I have opted to drop HWDVideoShare and use a much more simple Youtube component. As such, the URLs for the old videos are no longer available (sorry about that!).

You can view my videos either at my Youtube stream, or on site here using the VIDEOS menu at the top of the site.



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Photo Galleries

I am sorry to inform that I have taken the photo galleries down.

You can view photos of mine at my Flickr or facebook pages.


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