Firebug Web Development Addon: The Ultimate Firefox Addon

FirebugFirebug is quite possibly the ultimate web developers tool when it comes to “on the fly” inspection of code. I have been using this amazing Firefox addon for well over a year and during that time, it has not just saved me time, but has helped me become a much better developer.

So what “is” Firebug?

Simply put, it’s an on-the-fly code inspector for CSS, Javascript etc that allows you to view and edit code directly from your Firefox (or Chrome) web browser. See what your code changes do in real-time before going and actually touching the code.

See below for an example of the Firebug interface:

Firebug Interface

Install Firebug

There are a few ways you can get Firebug. The first is direct from the Firebug Website, where you can select from a number of different versions. You can also get it direct from the Firefox or Google Chrome addon depositories. Simply search for Firebug and install as required.

Firebug Walkthru Video

Please leave feedback below if you have any questions about Firebug. I am always willing to answer any question you might have.

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The Browser Wars Just Picked Up… But Which Is Best?

Web Browser WarsThere was a time when Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator were the faces of Web Browsing. The advancement of internet technology and quality programming saw the emergence of faster, more modern browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Firefox, when it arrived was a breath of fresh air to Web Browsing, and so began the first true browser war; won eventually by Firefox simply because of the way it continued to gain dominance and popularity.

Lately it seems like we are about to head into round 2, for the battle of the browsers is really starting to heat up.

This year so far has seen the beta releases of Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4 and the latest Google Chrome browsers. All of these claim blazing speed, ease of use, a modern GUI and full compatibility.

Having tested all 3 of them, i am initially rather impressed. Putting aside typical beta type issues (addon compatibility, etc) Firefox gets my thumbs up for having the least issues in basic browser testing. I found no display issues or script errors. Google Chrome was lightning fast and loaded all sites perfectly, however I experienced a few display issues on some sites using scripts. IE9 was the biggest surprise, and made good on its claim of fast browsing and easy use. I did however experience a few typical IE issues with some sites where IE doesn’t seem to recognise some CSS commands.

Which is best? As beta versions, Firefox and Chrome get the nod from me. Saying that though, IE9 could the first Microsoft browser that can truly compete with the likes of Firefox.

Test them yourselves and leave comments below.

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PPM Extreme Tool Walkthru: Discover Your Teams EOR & EQ

Hi guys, i’ve put together this simple walkthru guide to help you get acquainted with the PPM Extreme Tool as mentioned in my most recent update.

If you have any questions please leave comments or contact me or Mr Orange directly on Powerplay Manager.

Please forgive how rough this is, I was rushing to get it done between tasks today.

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PPM Tool: The Extreme EOR and EQ Tool For PPM

I am pleased to present to you all another fantastic PPM Tool that can be used to help manage your team. This tool was created by PPM Manager “Mr Orange” and is quite possibly the best EOR/EQ tool I have seen.

You can access the tool at

Here is a simple breakdown of the features:

  • It will List your teams EOR and EQ (taking into account experience and chemistry!)
  • Provides recommended training based on your ratios
  • Allows you to customize your ratios and create custom ratios (ie. PP Point, etc)
  • It will work with both your soccer and hockey teams at PPM (training is soccer only)

Before I go into any details, I want to explain one thing this tool does which makes it stand out in the crowd. Most EOR and EQ math are based simply on attribute figures. While this is a rather good indicator of a players strength it lacks one vital bit of information; experience and chemistry. Mr Orange has cleverly written these into his EOR math, so the figures you see actually include the boost your players get from their experience.

For this reason, the figures you see are in many ways more accurate than the traditional attribute based EOR math. Furthermore, you may be shocked to find that your players whom you considered the best are not actually the “best” based on this EOR. I only mention this as both a warning against confusion and an explanation of the math.

Your Player Data Pages

First, you need to log in. If you’re not yet a member join from the front of the site.

The tool is used by uploading particular pages from your PPM team. The tool will take the content on those pages and pull the relevant information out to display on the screen.

Those 4 pages are:

  • Hockey EOR Calculation:
  • Hockey EQ Calculation:
  • Soccer EOR Calculation / Training:
  • Soccer EQ Calculation:

Note: You MUST use the URLs above, or the system may not parse the information correctly.

To save those pages, simply load the pages in your browser and then right click on the page and select “Save Page As”. Choose somewhere on your system to save the page.

Setting Your Player Ratios

Before you want to go and add your content you need to setup your ratios. In the settings / ratios menu you will see options to adjust your hockey and soccer ratios (see below).

PPM Tool 1

As you can see from the image below (soccer ratios), you simply adjust the ratios as you see fit, making sure that the primary attribute is 100. The ratio system works the same as the PPM Automatic Practice ratios work. Make the relevant changes and hit save. Note, you can include things like shooting if you see fit.

PPM Tool 2

Uploading Pages & Viewing Data

PPM Tool 3Now that you’re ratios are set, you can go ahead and upload your first player data page. In this case I am going to view my Soccer teams EOR figures. So in the information menu, go to the upload page (see below) and then following the instructions on that page, select the saved file for soccer EOR (lineup.html) and upload it.

Once uploaded you can now head over to the Soccer EOR page.

Again, in the information menu, this time browse to Soccer, then to Effective Overall Rating and then the first option “EOR PER POSITION”. (see below)

PPM Tool 1

All going well, you will now see a page that displays your Soccer team, including all their attributes sorted into columns for each position similar to the image below. The figures you see are the EOR figures for each position. The highlighted EOR for each player is their highest EOR position, which in 99.9% of cases, should be the position you play that player in.

PPM Tool 1

As i mentioned at the top of this article, don’t be surprised if the EOR of some players is higher than you thought it would be, or even if some players are considered “better” than others on your team. These figures include experience, which does have an incredible affect on your team strength.

Note: To view your PPM Hockey EOR Data simply follow the same steps above but instead upload the edit-line.html page and select the hockey EOR data in the relevant menu.

Viewing Training (Soccer Only)

The player training screen can come in very handy if you’re not sure how to train your players. Once the page loads, you will need to click on the player name in the left column, and this will drop down a new section similar to that below. The data shows your current players attributes and your desired attributes based on your players primary attribute and the ratios you set for your team. In the case of the player below, as my desired are all lower than my primary, it is the primary i need to train.

PPM Tool 1

Why Use This Tool?

Possibly the biggest question, right? The most powerful feature off this tool is its ability to help you setup strong lines based on EOR. Not only that, but if you set up custom ratios for positions such as point play on the powerplay (hockey) or center midfield attack (soccer) you can work out which players are best used on special teams. The set piece tool also gives you a HUGE bonus when managing your soccer team.

But even if you don’t want to use it for those reasons, it’s still a fantastic tool for simply viewing your teams growth over time.

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