The Top 10 Visited Websites Of 2010

Top 10 Websites of 2010Each day millions upon millions of visitors land on websites. From families checking their email and school children doing research for homework to coroporate businesses using the Web for business, usage of the Internet is wide and varied.

But what were the most popular websites of 2010?

Thanks to the great people at Site Pro News, we have the top 10 sites.


Google is clearly the worlds #1 search engine. But did you know that it’s actually far more? You have Gmail, arguably the best online email service and Google Docs, a full functioning online office suite. Then you have Adsense and Adwords, Google Maps, Google Earth… the list goes on. Google have a service for almost every need, and they are VERY good at creating quality products.


Facebook is so popular that even schools have started using it. It is available online, on mobile phones, and on ipads. It simply IS the definition of social networking.


The best online video service, by far. It’s scary to think that YouTube started out in a garage.


Site Pro News list Yahoo at #4, which is a bit confusing, but I guess people do still use it. Their email service is no longer recommended by most, but the search engine is still very good. Yahoo do however have one of the best fantasy sports systems available.

Windows Live

Another search engine… a little surprising that this lands at #5 to be honest.


The source of all things acurate… That saying goes back a few years and as i’m sure you are all aware, it’s 100% untrue. Sure, most content is accurate, and it IS the best source of information, but as a system where content is created by users like you and I, it’s never going to truly factual.


Blogger used to be far better, so I’m a little confused as to why it lands on here, but, it just goes to show that some things can still surprise us.


Baidu? never heard of it, have you? Baidu is a chinese search engine, that’s all I know.


Yet another search engine. MSN is of course most popular for it’s instant messagin service, but as a search engine it’s clawing it’s way in with the big guys like Google and Yahoo.

Yahoo Japan

Site Pro News list Yahoo Japan at #10, and the only site to have a true double entry.

You can read the original artical here.

Shocks and surprises? There were a few, but all-in-all, only a few of them really surprised me.

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Happy Holidays

From me to all my friends, family and followers here on this site, I wish you a fantastic happy holidays and home that you have a great time, be safe and be responsible.


Have a great holiday!

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The 14 Days Of Christmas: The Event Of This Holiday Season

Hi guys, this time of year is always the time of giving, the time of receiving and most importantly, the time of good will to all people.

I am part of the GoPIFO’s 14 Days Of Christmas… quite possibly THE event of the holiday season.

What is the 14 Days of Christmas?

Quite simply, it is the FREE social movement that gives you gifts and gives Charities money this holiday season. The 14 Days Of Christmas is created by Go Pay It Forward Online (GoPIFO) and endorsed by Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of “Pay It Forward” (you’ve no doubt heard of, or seen the movie).

It’s a win-win. Come Pay It Forward Online and see what it is all about!

Click Here Now to join for FREE, get free gifts and help charity groups

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Why Facebook Is Essential To Your Business

Use Facebook To Increase SalesWhether you run an offline business, own your own online store or simply sell products on the Internet, Social Media networks like Facebook are essential if you wish for your business to succeed.

There was a time when Social Media networks were optional for business owners. Unfortunately, traditional marketing and sales methods don’t work well online where the largest market of potential clients are, so alternative strategies are required.

This is where Social Media sites step in; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Myspace to name just a few.

You can have the worlds best website with the best quality content possible, but if you don’t get people looking at it, the website is ineffective and costing you valuable time and money.

How Do I Get Traffic?

Facebook is one of the premier sources for high quality traffic and targeted niche markets. What you need to do is set up a Facebook Page for your business and/or Product. This page is not used to “sell” your product, but instead to gather leads, or “Fans” as Facebook refer to them. You would then use Facebook to offer information and updates to your leads. This step alone will lead to extra traffic to your website. But don’t stop there. You should also do the same for Twitter and other main Social Media networks, all designed to do the same thing.

Why do all this?

Simply put, we live in an era where “Social” is the key word. People use the Internet to interact and community with others, to find friends, network and gather information. There is a seemingly endless list of leads on the Internet for your business but to really tap into them you need to ensure your business is in the right place to do so.

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Jere Lehtinen: Thank You To A Defining Star

lehtinen_big_063009I can’t create a mega graphic, and i don’t know how to do fancy video montages. I don’t have a single defining moment to highlight yet i find 15 seasons of memories.

I do have this though…

Jere Lehtinen, thank you for the joy it has been watching you play hockey. Thank you for the quality professionalism you bought the sport. Thank you for the time you gave us when we traveled to the U.S. in 2006 to meet you. Thank you for again, being so kind to us last year when we went back once again to see you. Thank you for the memories; the joy, the tears, the heartache and the overwhelming sense of pride I have in looking back over your career. You are, and will always be a defining Star.

Thank You.

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Survey Suggests People Ignore Internet Banner Advertising

Internet Banner Advertising has for a long time been a staple part of the Internet Business diet. Over recent years however people have experienced declines in CTR and potential revenues.

Ads-People-Ignore Click to view full size

Mike Sachoff posted on Web Pro News today interesting survey results data that suggests that as many as 45% of Americans (the primary nation target for advertisers) completely ignore advertising, and in particular banner advertising.

The results give a daunting prospect for banner advertisers and show that his decline in banner advertising results is not gender or age specific, but fairly even across all demographics.

Sachoff explains; “There is little difference in the ads that men and women say they tend to ignore the most. Forty-two percent of men and forty-five percent of women say they ignore Internet banner ads the most while twenty percent and twenty-one percent respectively, say they ignore search ads the most.”

As a website owner who uses banner advertising to either promote my own products or third party products I have noticed a drop in results over the years that show that this may not just be an issue with American visitors either, but an international trend.

Should these figures worry people? With Social Media on the rise, is banner advertising simply becoming an “old school” method that is being essentially out-grown? Share your thoughts below.

You can read Mike Sachoff’s full post here.

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