Purple Paw Is Live: Affordable Professional Web Design

As many of you know, I have been involved with Website Design for a number of years and have often talked about launching my own business. I am very pleased to announce that I have indeed succeeded in this goal.

ppwdIntroducing… Purple Paw Web Design.

Purple Paw is a Joomla website solution specialist. While I do work with other methods of site build (static sites, CSS, WordPress, etc), Joomla is my area of expertese. Joomla is a solid web solution and can be used for a number of purposes, from single sales pages, full content information websites and even fully customized ecommerce solutions.

Purple Paw is a registered business in Australia and my details can be found on the Australian Business Registrar.

If you are ever in need of a new website, or have a current one that is in need of a do-over, please do not hesitate to drop by Purple Paw Web Design and give us a call.

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5 Top Website Traffic Sources

One of the advantages of running my own Web Design business (Purple Paw Web Design) is the daily barage of emails I receive updating me about the latest advancements or news relating to the Internet. Those who read here regularly will have noticed that Site Pro News, one of the most widely read webmaster resources, features quite often in my updates.

Web TrafficToday I wanted to bring to your attention another fantastic update from the folks over at Site Pro News which discusses the top 5 traffic sources for your website.

According to Titus Hoskins, the author of the article, “Quality traffic is what produces your online revenue, whether from advertising or from sales on your site.” Mr Hoskins also highlights that “…you have to get that traffic in the first place if you want to earn an online income. The more traffic you have, usually, the more you will make…”.

What are the top 5 website traffic sources?

  1. SEO and the Search Engines
  2. Article Marketing
  3. PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising
  4. Social Media Sites
  5. Email Marketing and Follow-up Lists

As many of my readers will know, I am a big supporter of Social Media and SEO, and have posted about them a few times in the past. I find it interesting that Titus lists email marketing at #5 on the list, as I personally believe that a mailing list and follow-up system should be a must for almost any website.

That aside, Titus raises some incredibly good points and the article is well worth the read. Head over to Site Pro News to read it today.

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Using Testimonials To Increase Sales

testimonialsDo you know what people who have bought your product actually think about it?

TV infomercials, magazine ads and even TV commercials use testimonials to sell their products. There’s a reason for this…

The fact is, testimonials sell.

Connie Ragen Green, of Site Pro News posted an article recently in which she stated, “Testimonials are very powerful. They allow you to share what is working in your business without having to brag about yourself.”

Your potential clients can read the best sales pitch in the world and not buy your product, but just a single good testimonial can nail down that elusive sale. Customers love reading what other customers think of your product or service.

Ali, on iBlogPlanet posted in August 2009, “I have run a number of niche sites, used to sell products from affiliate programs like Neverblue. What I noticed is that the sales that I have made came from sites with testimonials.”

Sure, nothing is guaranteed, but testimonials do increase your chance of sales.

Get Testimonials

If you don’t yet have testimonials on your website you need to get them. If you’re a smart marketer you will have the details of the people who bought from you, so simply drop them an email. Explain who you are, thank them for purchasing and ask if they would be willing to give a testimonial.

You can also add a form on your website where buyers can add a testimonial on your website at their own discretion.


Now you have the, where do you put them? There is no hard and fast answer. If you have a sidebar, add one or two in the sidebar clearly defined so people can see they are testimonials. You can also add them in your main content, wrapping them in styled boxes. Lastly, if you have a good number of them add a whole separate testimonials page where people can review all them in a single hit.

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Outsource Your Social Marketing Tasks

Have you often found yourself being overwhelmed at the tasks on your Social Marketing to-do list? Ever discovered that before you can successfully use your fancy new Social Marketing tool you need to learn how to?

Outsourcing Social Marketing Tasks Can Save Time And HassleIf you’re like many people in this fast-changing industry, you probably do almost everything yourself, from creating your website, writing your blog posts and even submitting all your content to the appropriate aggregator sites.

Why? Why are you spending all your precious time on menial tasks when you could find others to do it for you; others with much more advanced skills in particular areas of expertese.

Outsourcing has often been considered something only the top dogs with money did. That is not true. Just last week I outsourced an article creation for less than $10, and the product was far better than anything I could have done myself.

Services such as Freelancer and ODesk are fast becoming a must-have for Social Marketers and those in the Social Media industry. There are literally hundreds of thousands of skilled people out there waiting to do your work, and many of them at an absolute bargain.

Next time you need an image created, an article written or even a larger task such as a new website built, keep these sites in mind.

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The State of the Internet

Social News Watch posted this great video about “The State Of The Internet” a week or so back and I wanted to share it with you.

It was originally designed and created by JESS3 for a lecture at the AIGA Baltimore in February earlier this year.

Source: Social News Watch

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