8 Ways To Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate

Bounce RatesGetting visitors to your website isn’t enough, you need those visitors to stay on your website and read your content. Keeping potential customers/clients on your site is not always an easy task, however it is vital that you work towards reducing your website’s bounce rates.

Mashable has a great post today talking about this very topic. The article talks about bounce rates and offers 8 suggestions that could help reduce your bounces, such as:

  • Making data informed decisions
  • Using profiling to better monitor your bounces
  • Maintaining keyword integrity
  • Improving loading times
  • Being mindful of Social Media

As a web designer, good quality analytics are important to me and my clients. One of the most overlooked analytic dataset is the bounce rate, yet it is a statistic that has a major impact on the overall success of your website.

If you own a website, ask yourself, do you use good quality analytics? More importantly, do you study them? Next time you look at your website analytics data, take the time to really study the bounce rate data and find out where your visitors are leaving your site.

Source: Mashable

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YouTube CEO Chad Hurley Resigns

YouTube CEO Chad HurleyYouTube, as we once knew it is no longer. Speaking at a conference in Ireland, Chad Hurley announced he would be stepping down as the CEO of Internet Media streaming giant YouTube. Hurley will stay on as an advisor within the company.

According to Doug Caverly of Web Pro News, there is no reason to believe Hurley was forced out of the job, nor is there reason to believe Hurley is bailing from the company. According to Caverly…

“Hurley was the last of YouTube’s cofounders to have close ties to the organization, and it’s not every day that a CEO operating at this level gives up his position, which makes the change significant.”

Google purchased YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars in November 2006.

Source: Web Pro News

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Social Media Marketing: Plan – Organize – Execute

Social Media MarketingSocial Media is one of the most successful methods used by marketers right now. Whether it be through the highly targeted ad networks that services such as Facebook offer, or through aggregator sites such as DIGG or Del.icio.us, Social Media simply works.

If it’s so good, why then do so many struggle to find the success others do?

As with any thing you do in life, Social Media Marketing requires effort and a bit of smarts. The fact is, without the following 3 things, your marketing efforts will always be destined to fail.

1. Create A Plan & Set Goals

Business goals are an essential. Do you want to sell a product? Great, what is your target? Want to increase your traffic? What is the figure you want to achieve? You must set goals for all your Social Marketing needs. Don’t rush them either, instead take your time to carefully develop a plan that you know will work. It must be achievable, workable and most importantly, realistic.

2. Organize Yourself To Make The Plan Work

Once you have a plan, you need to start working on how best to get it working. A bit of structure goes a long way in life, so ensure that your daily routine includes everything you need to make your plan work. Set time aside for certain Social Media tasks, even the most mundane of them.

3. Execute The Plan With An Open Mind

Social Media Marketing can be incredibly successful, but it can also be fickle at times. While you may have a plan and a great routine, you must keep an open mind and be prepared to tweak your system as time goes on. Be confident in the knowledge that you have a well developed and structured marketing plan as per steps 1 and 2, however be prepared to put in a lot of effort to reach that success.

Plan, Organize & Execute.

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DIGG Lays Off 37% Of Staff, 2 Execs Resign

DIGGIn the Social Media Company’s latest restructuring efforts to achieve profitability in 2011, DIGG has let more than one third of its workforce go.

Alison Diana of InformationWeek is reporting that DIGG has let 25 of its employees go, reducing its staff to 42 people. Included in the major restructure was the resignation of two of it’s top executives.

Former Amazon.com exec, and now DIGG CEO, Matt Williams, allegedly stated;

“We must significantly cut our expenses to achieve profitability in 2011. We’ve considered all of the possible options for reduction, from salaries to fixed costs,” he said. “It’s been an incredibly tough decision. I wish it weren’t necessary. However, I know it’s the right choice for Digg’s future success as a business. I’m personally committed to help find new opportunities for everyone affected by the transition. Digg’s board members have also offered to help find placements within their portfolio companies.”

The News Aggregator site is no stranger to executive shakeups, having replaced former CEO Jay Adelson in April this year.

What, if anything, does this mean for the future of the Social Media industry?

Source: InformationWeek

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Apple iPhone4 Vs RIM Blackberry Torch 9800

It’s the battle of the 2 flagship products; Apple with their #1 product, the iPhone Version 4 and RIM’s latest masterpiece, the Blackberry Torch 9800.

Apple iPhone Version 4RIM Blackberry Torch 9800

For the last few years Apple have dominated the market with their iPhone series, and have a history of creating great products built upon a great platform.  RIM first attempted to fight Apple with the release and subsequent semi-failure of the Blackberry Storm and later on, the Storm2.  The Storm’s biggest failing was it’s touchscreen, which while plenty advanced was simply not as good as the iPhones from a regular users point of view.  In other words, nobody wanted it.

Enter the RIM Blackberry Torch 9800, which brings with it the revolutionary new Blackberry 6 OS.  More importantly, the new Blackberry has a capacitive touchscreen, meaning it can not just compete with the iPhone’s screen, it can actually challenge it!  The Torch isn’t just another touchscreen smartphone though; once you slide it, it becomes a full querty keypad to appeal to the more traditional Blackberry users!

So, which of these 2 touchscreen smartphones is the best?

Knowyourmobile.com has released a fantastic review of these 2 smartphones, and the results are quite fascninating.  From the article…

The iPhone is definitely suited to Apple fanbois, where the BlackBerry Torch could be battling for the Android market, or just those who want something different.

If RIM places advertising in the correct place and networks offer better deals than the iPhone, Apple could be looking at the next revolution right there.

You can read the full review here.

Torch or iPhone… I think regardless of which you buy you would be winning.  The Torch most definitely looks like a truly great product that could put a dent in the iPhone market.

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Report: People More Likely To Lie On Twitter

Web Pro News posted an interesting article recently about how people behave on social media services such as twitter. In the report, it is said that up to 80% of users could be less than truthful when communicating with others on twitter.

According to the article…

Opinium Research polled 2,012 adults on behalf of Direct Line, and Direct Line stated afterward, “Just one in five people (20 per cent) profess to being more truthful on Twitter or text, compared to a third (31 per cent) who state that they are more frank when speaking to someone in the flesh.”

You can read the full article here.

This statistic shocks me. As i would have expected the number to be high, I would never have anticipated it being up as high as 80%. Given that many of us meet friends online these days, how many of our friends are entirely honest? Or, what about us? It’s a scary thought, and something to think about next time you think to answer with a mis-truth.

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