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Market Samurai is incredible software that helps make your Marketing simple. The beauty of Market Samurai is that it does virtually everything for you. You simply choose what you want to do from the massive list of features, set the keywords and let it save you time, effort and money.

The incredible features in Market Samurai include:

  • Keyword Research: Trends, Adwords, Google, Blog traffic and much more
  • Keyword Analysis: Cross check against competition and find the phrases that will earn you traffic and income
  • Indepth Adwords profit research: What works and what doesn’t
  • Content Gathering: Select the phrases and Market Samurai will search for blog posts and loyalty free articles for you to re-produce
  • Content Posting: Use WordPress? Market Samurai can post to your blog for you
  • Monetization: Market Samurai will find affiliate products for you, according to your phrases
  • Much much more

An exerpt from Market Samurai….

Every web-site needs traffic if it’s going to succeed – and the most reliable, consistent, profitable, high-volume source of traffic comes from search engines.

All it takes is getting 3 SIMPLE things right! – the 3 Golden Rules…

But 99% of sites get these 3 things wrong (without even realizing it at the time) – and as a result, the odds of success are stacked against them, making good profits (not even big profits) becomes a massive struggle…

…And, as a result, 99% of sites fail!

These brief videos will show you how to avoid making big traffic-generation mistakes that will cost you time, energy and money.

* Find out how to uncover “gold-nugget” keywords – each of these keywords can send hundreds, even thousands of free visitors to your site each day.
* Stop attracting time-wasting tire-kickers to your web-site, and target the keywords in your market that real buyers are using right now.
* Discover exactly how to beat the competition, and get front-page rankings in Google for high-traffic keywords in weeks or days – not months or years.

Market Samurai is more than just software. It’s the single most important piece of software I have on my computer.

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PPM Soccer: Training Basics Part II – Attribute Ratios

As promised in my recent article, I wanted to talk about the attribute ratios for players in the Powerplay Manager soccer game.

PPM Soccer TrainingAs with hockey, there is a lot of personal preferences when it comes to using ratios for your training. What we do know is that for different positions there are 3 types of secondary attributes; Major, Medium and Small. This is a good starting point when selecting what types of ratios to go with.

As there is no clearly defined “right” way to do this, I want to make it very clear that anything I write here is purely my opinion and is NOT to be taken as correct, right, perfect or anything like that. I expect you to make up your own minds as to what is right or wrong, and if you want, share with me in the comments down below.

There are 3 main ratios I have heard being tossed around during conversations. I wanted to briefly touch on these to give you an idea of what can be used.

4 – 3 – 2 – 1

This is a generic ratio similar to the 4-3-2 used in PPM hockey. It assumes that the Major influence ratio is 75% of your primary, the Medium influence 50% and the Small influence 25%. Pretty straight forward and easy(ish) to keep track of.

4 – 3 – 2.5 – 2

A variation of the above and assumes that the Medium and Small influence ratios are slightly more important than the generic 4-3-2-1 ratios.

3 – 2 – 1.5 – 1

This ratio balance is used by those who prefer the 4 attributes be closer together. It can produce consistent players, however will take much longer to build high star-rating players.

No matter what you personally choose to go with, know that the key to a good manager is the ability to bend with the game and learn on the fly. Don’t be afraid to try new things and test new theories.

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PPM Soccer: Training Basics Part 1

We’re well over the hump in the first ever PPM soccer season and teams are starting to get established. Many managers have come from hockey, so are already familiar with the PPM Training system. Saying that, there are many who came in directly for the soccer game and are still in the learning phase.

In this first of a series covering basic PPM Soccer training I wanted to touch base on the training methodology and highlight a few important factors that may be left forgotten.

Training Methodology

The PPM training system is fairly straight forward. You simply select the attribute you want your player to train in. Each day your players will get an increase in that attribute, dependent on the size of your training facility, your coaching staff and the quality of your players attributes.

Training Attributes

The PPM Soccer training is a little more “in depth” than that of PPM Hockey. Unlike Hockey, where each player has just 3 key attributes for their position (primary-secondary-secondary), in soccer the number of attributes for a position varies, as does their importance to that position. Because of this, training of players so they can excel best in their positions can appear harder. In truth, it’s not, it just takes a little more time.

As per the PPM Guide, player attributes and their importance on the relevant positions are as follows:

Position Major influence Medium influence Small influence
Goalkeeper Technique, Speed Passing, Heading
Side defender Speed Passing, Technique Heading
Centre defender Heading, Passing, Technique, Speed
Side midfielder Speed Passing, Technique Heading
Centre midfielder Passing, Technique Speed, Heading
Side forward Speed, Technique Passing Heading
Centre forward Speed Technique Passing, Heading

As you can see, PPM have given us the information we need to best train our players, it’s up to us how we use it.

Training Positions

This section is part of a much larger article that I will be writing at a later time, but I wanted to briefly mention it here. As we can see from the information in the PPM Guide, it’s not as each as just Forward, Midfield or Defense. While many may think it’s that easy, the PPM team have actually given us twice as many positions by adding a Wing and Center for each of the field positions. This is really great for us, as allows much more detailed training. However, you do need to know what positions your players are going to play in. If you have a midfielder, you need to know where he will play before you can decide how to best train him. Because of this, take time to really study your team and make not of what position your guys will play in. Players who prefer Left or Right sides dominate on their side but are a lot less effective on the other. Universal players however are good at both sides, so often play best in the center position.

Training Ratios

This is part of a larger article that will be coming in the next few days. As per the PPM guide, the attributs for each position have varying importance to that position, so the ratio of the attributes would naturally vary. There is no set rule as to what this ratio is, so it is purely up to individual preference.

That said, enjoy the game. PPM have given us a great game here with fantastic freedom to train and build our teams.

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