New Bonsai Tree: Buxus Harlandii

Buxus Harlandii (Harland Boxwood)Now that my Juniper has been wired and repotted into a larger pot, I figured I would go out and get a new tree to work on. I had originally planned to get a semi-established tree that I could work on straight away, but when Wendy (my wife) found this little gem, I couldn’t say no.

It is a Buxus Harlandii, or Harland Boxwood. Right now, it stands at just shy of 6 inches tall and as such, has a lot of growing to do before I do any major work on it.

The Harland Boxwood is native to china, and is quite often used as a bonsai subject. It is a hardy plant that that withstand a lot of bending and can tolerate dryness very well, so is good for the warmer climates here in Australia. The leaves are small and glossy, and with time and care should become even smaller.

As you can see from this picture, the tree has a distinct V shape, which will eventually thicken with age and create off-shooting branches of their own. The branch on the left (in the picture) will be wired in the next few weeks so that it grows outward at 45 degrees and ends pointing to the sky to encourage growth. The left branch (main trunk) will continue to grow as is for the moment as it already has a naturally forming angle I am happy with.

Over the weekend I repotted this into a larger pot and will keep it growing for a year, maybe 2 in that pot. That will allow the roots to grow, and the trunk and branches to thicken. I will be feeding it regularly with natural kelp fertilizer as well as blood and bone.

When i repotted this one, I used a 50/50 combination of bonsai soil and potting mix, and mixed in both slow-release fertilizer as well as blood and bone. I opted not to include water crystals.

In a few years that tree should become quite an amazing specimin, all going well.

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