PPM Finances: The Value Of Buying

Regardless of what level of league you are involved in, all hockey managers face one challenge above any other; balancing winning now Vs building for the future. From NHL managers (the Maple Leafs are a great example of what not to do) to the KHL, to local hockey in your home town, the balancing act of now Vs future will most probably weigh in on almost every decision you make as a hockey manager. At PPM it’s no different.

If you read the forums at PPM you will notice there are certain topics that appear to trend over and over again. “Why did i lose this game?”, “Which facility should i upgrade?” and others asking questions or commenting on things like staff, scoreboards or stands. All of these things have one thing in common; they pretty much directly have an impact on how well your team plays and/or directly affect the financial outcome of the game for your team.

Which brings me to the question of today… which is better, focus on winning now or plan ahead and build for the future?

Focussing on winning now

When you make the choice to focus on winning immediately, the viable options you have with your finances drop drastically. Longer term upgrades become less important and you will find yoursel leaning towards upgrades or purchases that can immediately see results. Buying players and staff from the market or upgrading your coaching department are the big three options in this group. If you do have money saved up in PPM and want to boost your teams rating, then i believe the first stop should be the market place… but DO NOT BUY! No, instead all you want to do on the first visit is RESEARCH. See what’s available and within your finances. From what I’ve seen, a 300+ OR player will start at around $12 Million dollars and go up from there. If your team has a low average OR, definitely look to upgrade with a high OR player as the impact can often be seen immediately! Buying Staff is the same principal… you want staff who will step in and make a difference immediately, so coaches, physios etc are all great options, and look for guys with really high OR. I personally like staff who specialize in a single attribute, and while these guys will often cost more, they are (in my opinion) much better for your teams growth. Lastly, if you do want to do upgrades but want the results sooner rather than later, look to the coaching department, so your daily rate of training is improved.

Building for the future

For those who already have strong teams, or those who would rather build their teams foundations for the future, then maybe ignore the market right now. Look to the longer term upgrades that will help your team. The Sports Academy tops this list, and don’t be afraid to really drop a lot of cash into that if you have it. Scoreboards, Stands and Stand features like restaurants, stores and skyboxes are also great purchases for down the road. If you do want to go to the market, look for players with long-term advantages, such as VERY high qualities, 6/6 CL and great attribute balancing. You can get some great bargains for good prices if you shop around and are selective. If you’re one of these buyers, remember that the guy you buy might not be ready to get in the lineup right away, so keep training in mind when you go shopping.

The Value… where is it?

In my opinion… always pay a visit to the marketplace, and if you have funds that are not being kept aside for other things, don’t be afraid to drop a few of them on a player if one jumps out. I had a discussion recently about a player i purchased off the market for $15 Million. It took me 3 weeks to save up that money from my sponsor deals, so dropping that kind of amount on a single player is fairly serious for me. I did however knowing 3 things: 1) His OR was 45 more than my teams average, 2) His qualities were high enough for me to build him into a MUCH better player and 3) his attributes were perfect, and very high! While I may have spent $15 Million, the benefits to my team are worth much more than the cost of not spending that money.

Weigh up the cost of spending Vs the cost of what you would get in return

That’s the real value. Research, Confidence and a little luck will make one helluva strong team!

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PPM Soccer Beta: An Introduction

Soccer -  Online Games - Enjoy the taste of victory!

During the last week PPM opened up the beta version of soccer. Have you seen it yet? If not, clicking the link on the right will take you directly to the soccer game.

The initial roll-out of soccer introduced the testers, followed by the PPM team (captains, assistants, moderators etc) and then finally in the last few days to the general membership of PPM through an early entry credit purchase. This early entry, which I will be explaining shortly allows users to join the beta version of soccer and get an up-close look at the game in progress. There has been some debate about the use of the word “purchase”, which I will also be explaining shortly.

Beta Features

The first thing that you should know is that the beta version of soccer is missing quite a bit of the game. Based on my initial quick research, the following sections of the soccer game are currently not live or not released:

  • Team analysis
  • Automatic opponent search feature
  • League statistics & All-Stars
  • Live games (PPM TV)
  • Player statistics
  • Tournaments
  • Individual player history & detailed statistics

There are also quite a few pieces of content still in the native slovak language which have not yet been translated (to other languages).


Like all games, the most important part of the PPM soccer game are the big-3; Team Lineup, Game Tactics and the actual system Gameplay. Those familiar with PPM hockey will understand the soccer tactics fairly easily, as the layout is similar. You will need to understand basic soccer wording but other than that the tactics are an easy follow. The Team Lineup is grosely different to PPM hockey, so don’t expect to simply go to soccer and follow what you’re used to. The lineup system has confused a lot of people and has been labeled as over-complicated a number of times on (and off) the forums. The process involves you first selecting up to 14 players and then from those, placing them in the desired location on the field. It actually “is” that easy in theory, however in practice the whole system is more complicated than it needs to be (in my opinion). The up-side, is that you can place your players in a large range of field positions allowing you true control over where they play.

Gameplay is an unknown factor right now as the PPM TV (live games) features is not active, so there is no way to watch a game in progress and judge how the actual gameplay looks.

30 Credit First-Entry Purchase

This has been an issue of debate between myself and some within the PPM management. As part of the roll-out, PPM have allowed users to get a first-look at soccer by paying a one time 30 credit fee. The purpose of this payment is to ensure that only those truly serious about testing the beta version of the game join right now (to reduce server load). I have been told that this is not a purchase transaction, however I believe that if a user is paying 30 credits, which they would have had to buy in the first place, they are in fact making a transaction to purchase their first-entry team in beta.

Does this first-entry position give you any bonus? No, none at all. It is simply a way for you to play the beta game for 2 weeks before the game is restarted and the full version is launched. The full version is free to all members.

This raises a very valid question… is it worth paying 30 credits to join the beta version of soccer, or does it make more sense to save those credits and simply join the full version at no cost in a few weeks? This is a tough one to answer… actually, no it’s not. No, it is not worth paying 30 credits. You will be paying to join a game that lacks key features such as live games, statistics and analysis and in less than 2 weeks the game will launch fully and your credit purchase will be worth absolutely nothing. My suggestion is to simply wait a few weeks and join for free.

Saying that, if you do have 30 credits laying around and can afford to simply throw them away, getting in the beta soccer game could be worth it, especially if you are a soccer fan.

Beta… Remember that

It is very important to remember that soccer right now is in beta, and therefore there will be bugs and unfinished parts of the game. The developers are busy working on the game and each day we’re seeing different parts of the game improve. I have no doubt that when PPM have released the full version, the game will be much more impressive to watch, review and of course, play.

Not a member of PPM yet? You can join right now for FREE by clicking here.

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