Powerplay Manager Video Guides

I’ve been saying I would get a few video guides for Powerplay Manager up for a while now, and i’ve finally got to it. 2 new videos have been uploaded covering the following topics:

  1. Upgrading: Arena Vs Facilities
  2. Player attribute balance & the marketplace

You can find the videos here:

Powerplay Manager – Arena Strategies

Powerplay Manager – Marketplace & Player Strategies

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Beginners Guide to building a CSS Website – Videos #6 and #7

After a lengthy hiatus, we are back with 2 new videos in our beginners guide to building your own CSS website. In the latest 2 videos we show you how to use CSS driven image-bullet menus using the UL and LI functions, and also show you how to pull your template apart and re-build it using individual PHP files and the very handy PHP Require statement.

The videos:

CSS Tutorial to build your own CSS website – Part 6

CSS Tutorial to build your own CSS website – Part 7

You can also find our videos on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/trueblue55

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Using Twitter Tags In Your Marketing

If you’re involved in internet marketing of any kind you use Twitter. Right? If you don’t, you should run over there right now and get an account! Twitter, love or hate it, is a great tool that everybody should have!Using Twitter is super fast, especially if you use third party software such as tweetdeck or similar products.

But, using it is not enough, you have to “use” it… to it’s full potential, and that includes being smart with Twitter tags.

Twitter tags are simply references / links you put in your twitter posts which link to the twitter search page for that tag.

Make sense?

Here’s how it works. Inside your twitter post, you simply add the tag, such as #tag. Any word started with # (no space) is going to link as a tag. When you click on that, it opens the twitter search page for that phrase.

http://search.twitter.com < -- The Twitter search page.

Here’s the real trick… instead of tagging in reference to your post… post in reference to the popular tags!

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