3 Part Guide To Building A CSS Website

Over the last few years I have been approached many times asking for tips on how to build custom websites using up to date CSS build techniques.

CSS, or “Custom Style Sheet” is essentially a way to build websites that are quicker to load, easier to work with and compatible with more web browsers. Unlike original HTML which used clumsy tables and hard coded formatting, CSS is more fluid, and much much more powerful.

The problem is, those new to web design often turn to low quality web-design software to help them with their sites. Many of these still use the old style HTML, so the sites they build, while good looking and serving their use are not fully compatible with the search engines, and therefore seriously a major issue.

This brings us to the 3 Part Web Guide i will be posting in the next day or 2. The guide will consist of 3 videos, each outlining one of the steps to building your very own CSS website;

  1. CSS Stylesheet
  2. Building the site structure
  3. Formatting and adding content to create a full page

If you’ve often thought of building your own website, I encourage you to follow these steps along with me. When you’re done, send me a link to your website and i’ll even help you promote it on the search engines using the latest Social Bookmarking strategies.

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