CSS Tutorial to build your own CSS website

CSS TutorialAs promised, the first 3 videos are live, with an added bonus of a 4th video covering how to create a CSS file, duplicating your page and getting your website started.

Part 1 begins with the basic CSS code, and defining the parameters that will make up your website. View all 4 of the videos in the video section.

Video #1 can be found here

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3 Part Guide To Building A CSS Website

Over the last few years I have been approached many times asking for tips on how to build custom websites using up to date CSS build techniques.

CSS, or “Custom Style Sheet” is essentially a way to build websites that are quicker to load, easier to work with and compatible with more web browsers. Unlike original HTML which used clumsy tables and hard coded formatting, CSS is more fluid, and much much more powerful.

The problem is, those new to web design often turn to low quality web-design software to help them with their sites. Many of these still use the old style HTML, so the sites they build, while good looking and serving their use are not fully compatible with the search engines, and therefore seriously a major issue.
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Community Marketing Explained By Dave

Community Marketing as explained by Dave the Cartoon Man

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Powerplay Manager Review

Most of us have dreamed of running a professional sports team at some point in our life. Over the years there have been a multitude of ways we’ve been able to “live this dream”. Sports manager games on PC and console have had us not just live the dream, but play the dream.

For Hockey fans, most will remember Eastside Hockey Manager, possibly one of the best NHL Manager games to ever hit the market. Now however, with the Internet moving into the Web2.0 world, games such as these are becoming more available, without any need to download software and even better, without any need to spend a cent.

Introducing: Powerplay Manager

Powerplay Manager puts you in charge of your very own hockey team, not only as General Manager, but as Coach, assistant coach and president all wrapped into a single user-account. Your goal; to battle it out in leagues against other people just like you to gain promotion to high leagues, more rewards and better team growth.

Those familiar with hockey manager games will understand that Powerplay Manager sounds very similar to Hockeyarena. That’s because it is. In fact, if you’re a mad hockey fan like me, no doubt you’ll be busy in both these games.

What you control:

In short, everything. You get to not only set your own lines, choose your tactics, schedule friendly games and watch “live” matches, behind the scenes you will be actively building the infrastructure of your club. Build youth through sports schools, upgrade your arena with new seating, better quality maintenance and stores. Hire and fire staff to produce better quality returns for your money. Buy, hire and trade players on the market and carefully manage your teams budget. Set your training schedules, active practices and build a team that includes strong skilled players and high-chemistry lines.

I wasn’t kidding when i said you control “everything”.

Playing other users:

The game itself has 3 main areas.

1) Build your teams infrastructure, including arena, staff and economic stability.
2) Train your team and work to win your local league, where you play against other users just like you.
3) If you get good enough, work to manage national teams in international play.

Your league matches are scheduled for you (much like Hockeyarena), and you can schedule friendly matches against whomever you wish. Wins and Losses all have an impact on your team. You can set your tactics so the team plays more relaxed in friendly games and more fierce in must win playoff matches.

The “Pro” Option:

Like Hockeyarena, Powerplay Manager also offers a pro option which allows you to gain additional features for a small cost. This cost goes towards keeping the game free, and is well worth it’s tiny cost ($20 AUD for 3 months approx).

Going “pro” gives you the extra leg-up so to speak, as it allows you to schedule games better, set more efficient tactics and naturally have far more features in each section of the game. The best part however, is that you literally feel like you have more control over your team with these extra features. It is well worth the cost. I’ve been asked if the pro game is similar to that which Hockeyarena offer and the fact is yes, it is very similar.

Powerplay Manager Vs Hockeyarena:

Due to a lot of questions i’ve been asked lately, I will be posting a comparison between the 2 games in the coming days. For now, I want you all to know that you should definitely join both. Don’t let the look and feel of the games put you off either one, as the important thing about Sports Manager games is the gameplay itself, not the way it’s delivered. From that point of view, these games are very similar. More on that in the coming days.

In closing, Powerplay Manager is a must have for any hockey fan. But that’s not all, as Powerplay Manager is a “Sports Manager” game, that will be rolling out similar versions for football and other sports in the coming months.

The URL: http://www.powerplaymanager.com

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